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Salister 05-26-2014 9:46 PM

stuffing box packing
Anyone know a good packing for your packing nuts? I need new cause it leaks almost as fast as the bilge pumps it. I got the old out, and measured them, they're 3/16 thick, only had 2 rings. I am thinking I could put three back in. Just I dont know what kind I should get, or where to get them. Any in site would be appreciated. 92 sanger DD

BGeorge01 05-27-2014 5:35 AM

stuffing box packing
Skidim.com is where I bought mine.



...Just a couple

trayson 05-27-2014 1:06 PM

I just tightened my prop shaft nuts. But for my rudder packing, I went with the Gore tex packing rope as it is a pita to pull the gas tank for access to the rudder and I won't have to service the Gore tex as much. I will be using it on the prop when I do change it.

blastmaster 05-28-2014 12:30 PM

Old school wax rope is available at any marine shop or West Marine if there is one near you. If not order from Overtons or Skidim. I have a 96 Sanger and only have changed the packing a couple of times ever. Over tightening causes the wax to heat up and melt and then it is no good any longer and leaks. DONT Over tighten. The rope packing is inexpensive.

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