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jfeds97 05-21-2014 2:34 PM

Ballast Setup
I'm going out this weekend and want to try out the new sacs we got but I don't really know where would be the best place for them. We have a 1998 Centurion Elite V-Drive and we only have a 750lb sac and a 500lb sac (the other 750lb sac won't get shipped here in time). Where would be the best place for them?

boardman74 05-21-2014 2:41 PM

Wakeboarding or surfing?

jfeds97 05-21-2014 3:59 PM


boardman74 05-21-2014 4:46 PM

Gonna be bought then. I guess I'd put them in the back lockers and you need to try to keep the weight as equal as possible.

chillaxin 05-21-2014 5:21 PM

Put the 750 in the bow and the 500 on the back seat or floor against the seat. If you have 3 or 4 people willing to stay in the bow the. I would go with both bags in the lockers and even them out. Spend some time playing around with different layouts. That's half the fun of spending the weekend in the lake.

SS_Hooke102 05-21-2014 5:38 PM

Just my two cents, but I'd put the 750 against the backseat and lay the 500 in the bow/walkway... I like my boat butt heavy.

jfeds97 05-21-2014 6:32 PM

Thanks everyone!

phathom 05-21-2014 9:44 PM

Agreed with Bryce, more weight in the back.

boardjnky4 05-22-2014 6:56 AM

Trade in the 750 for 2 - 400's. Then run the 400s in the rear lockers and the 500 in the bow. Wake will clean up around 23.5-24mph.

CenTex 05-23-2014 6:54 AM

I've got a 23' Moomba Kamberra, the boat seems to prefer to have more weight up front. I have 2 500lb sacs I put in each locker beside the motor and 2 750's that I put up front. One across the bow and one on the ski locker. When weighted like this she wants to wash out real bad and not plane off. Any tips?

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