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soonerbilly 05-12-2014 5:33 AM

Anyone got a decent surf setup for a Calabria Pro-V?
I've tried the last few times out to get a decent surf wave and all i get is wash. i have 2 750's in the rear on each side. I have a 370 tube sac under the port seats and i also have another 300 pounder i can put anywhere in the boat i need it. I've tried all kinds of combos and all kinds of speeds. The closest thing i get to a surfable wave is the stock purevert full both sides and the tube sac under the seats full, but only the kids can surf that. I'm 6' 220, doesnt work for me very well. Any good setups out there? I built 2 different gates one like an NSS and another one like the Malibu, took the NSS one out this weekend but it failed miserably. Havent tried the malibu style yet and honestly id rather not use it because it takes up soooo much space. Anyways i hope someone can help.

soonerbilly 05-12-2014 6:25 PM

Dang....no calabria owners awake today? Someone has to have an updated setup, i know my boat is old but its basically unchanged for its existence. HELP!!!!

wake26 05-13-2014 6:50 AM

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Our set up for surfing in our Team V was, stock ballast on surf side plus 550 fat sack rear locker and another 550 sack put on the floor on the surf side. Trim tab all the way up, speed around 10.5 -11. This made a great wave to surf. We never had any luck filling any ballast on the none surf side.

soonerbilly 05-13-2014 9:07 AM

i dont have the adjustable trim plate or the independant switches for the purevert. I guess its going to take a bit more weight on the surfside. I'll try to run it with none of the internal i guess.

soonerbilly 05-13-2014 9:08 AM

Is the only difference with the team v the ammount of internal ballast? Doesnt seem like i'll ever get anyhting that clean out of mine.

phathom 05-13-2014 10:09 AM

From what you said, it looks like you're running the boat pretty level with the exception of the bag under the seats.
You need to run it listed, throw more weight in the surf side corner.
Without taking a gate device into consideration, you need to put more weight in the surf side rear corner. Running it evenly weighted isn't going to get you a good surf wake. Either empty that 750 on the non surf side in the rear or preferably move it on to the surf side rear.

soonerbilly 05-13-2014 10:13 AM

I didnt fill the other 750. All i had filled was stock 700 + 750 in rear locker and the 370 under the seat + a 300 on the side seats and all passengers sitting on that side. All i got was wash, slowed all the way down to 9 and all the way up to 13, never changed anything. Like i said the closest thing to clean was with the stock full and just the 370 under the seat with the passengers on surf side and even that was kind of sketchy.

rugbyballa3 05-13-2014 10:22 AM

use bomb wake sacks. i run 1000lbs of lead in my boat all on surf side and was able to cut from 6000lbs to 4000lbs of ballast. my point being you can get more weight on the edge of the boat it will list more and you can run less weight over all. and i dont have sacks on the floor or in bow or on seats anymore.

soonerbilly 05-13-2014 10:52 AM

100 pound bags? Doesnt that suck for trailering? I like the fact that it would be quicker just not sure i want it in ALL the time. I got younger kids and they dont like any wake when they board so might not be the best idea for me, maybe in the future though. Thanks for the idea.

wake26 05-13-2014 11:15 AM

With not being able to isolate the ballast I would try this. Don't fill any stock ballast and put a 750 in the surf side rear locker and a 750 on the floor surf side also try putting the 300 in the locker or on the seat. I think with the stock ballast full it is not letting te boat list to one side. The pic above is at 10.5 mph. I wounder if you can run another switch to be able to control each stock ballast separate.

soonerbilly 05-13-2014 11:29 AM

Jarod....I just ordered them. Figure for 40 bucks it wont hurt.

soonerbilly 05-13-2014 11:32 AM

I'm also thinking about cutting the corners of my platform. Its got the CHAIR SLOT in the corner that im sure is disrupting the wae quite a bit.

phathom 05-14-2014 12:13 AM

Try hitting up the guys in this thread
There are a few Hydrodyne/Calabrias there. Perhaps they could offer some insight.

malibumatt 05-21-2014 11:34 AM

Bill, I am getting close with mine by running full ballast (700 for me), 800 on surf side and 400 in the walk through. I have the rub rail damn near in the water but the pocket to surf is still too short even with the 400 up front. I think your major problem is the adjustable trim tab, I run mine all the way up.

soonerbilly 05-21-2014 12:08 PM

Is the 800 you run in the locker or under/on the seats? ive had more that that but it never seems to come close to cleaning up. im thinking i got too much in the locker and not enough in the bow or closer to the front. Idk though.

malibumatt 05-22-2014 1:17 PM

my 800 is in the locker, and the 400 starts at the walk through and goes all the way to where the carpet ends. I think I may try and put the 400 on the seats even farther forward because like I said I have a pocket issue. I don't have anything under the seats.

soonerbilly 05-27-2014 5:50 AM

I think i'm going to order a couple of the 540 sumos. I have an extra hose that can fill bags anywhere in the boat. I also havent tested my malibu gate bolt on. Hopefully this weekend ill get it out to test.

soonerbilly 05-27-2014 9:47 AM

Can you post a pic of your adj tab? Maybe i should do that as a project.

malibumatt 05-30-2014 1:34 PM

the adjustable tab I speak of is just the bennet tab that comes factory. Nothing special. Did you do the pump install like on the Malibu site you referenced way back in January?

soonerbilly 05-30-2014 2:41 PM

somewhat....i got the 2 reversibles installed with 2 Y's on each side. works good now i just need to figure out what weight to put where. this weekend ill get quite a bit of time to get it set up.

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