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natedogg 05-08-2014 7:58 AM

Steeper wake, Sanger or mb tomcat?
I'm looking at a 2006 Sanger 230v and a 2010 mb f21, I am coming from a nautique ss and looking for something close to the steepness of that wake. Heard great things about both boats but living in Texas I haven't seen to many or ridden behind either. Could some of you guys with either boat post some wake pics with heavy ballast and regular side surf pics por favor??

wakereviews 05-08-2014 8:00 AM

You will not be disappointed in the MB wake, guaranteed.

runin90lx 05-08-2014 12:21 PM

what are of texas are you located? i have a 23ft MB and a buddy with a 21tomcat. both make excellent wakes

bzubke1 05-08-2014 2:05 PM

Idk what part of Texas you're in but Texas mastercraft in Fort Worth sells them. I have ridden the f21 and the b52 23 ft both had great wakes and were similar. I split time behind my supra 21v and a buddies san 210 which are both steep wakes and had no issues at all transitioning to the mb sports wakes.

nautibouys 05-08-2014 2:44 PM

I wouldn't describe Sanger wakes as steep but they are nice. Nice transition, still lots of pop.

natedogg 05-08-2014 2:54 PM

I'm in new braunfels around canyon lake, Dunlap , and lake Austin this area is heavy with mastercraft, bu's, supras,and nautiques. I'm 95% sure I'm gonna get the mb but I'm gonna check them both out this weekend and hopefully lake test each. They are both left hand rotation boats correct?

illini88 05-09-2014 5:34 AM

That tomcat will have a nice steep wake. I actually prefer the MB wake with about 500 pounds in the nose, because it mellows it out a bit.

runin90lx 05-09-2014 10:46 AM

last i heard texas mastercraft was in the process of opening a MB dealership down around the austin area somewhere. you may want to call them, i think it was supposed to open this year.

Therapy10 05-09-2014 11:21 AM

Whatever you get Nate you'll need to ride Dunlap more so I can help you break her in :D

guido 05-11-2014 8:32 AM

Definitely the MB. No comparison.

If you said V215 it would be a different story. That boat has a great wake, but I would still go with the Tomcat.

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