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jfg 05-06-2014 11:46 PM

Half loaded airs (cable)
I'm trying to work out how to do half loads, i.e. edging, popping off the water staying vertical and doing grabs/back ones, etc. 'i can't quite work out how to do the release, but it looks like an ollie type of release. It also appears to be important to keep your arms in. I can do back rolls and raleys so I'm comfortable with loading the line and releasing but I do not know anyone who does half loads, so getting advice is difficult.

razorjaw 05-12-2015 6:18 PM

Hey mate, sorry for the late reply. We also call them pressure ollies and I've heard them called mini flicks. It's basically a short, soft cut raley with bent knees and usually a shifty back or front. I like to keep my arms in and bent as I find they can require a little more strength (more because you have less time in the air rather than it being a heavier load). Here's a link I found that explains it well:


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