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grant_west 05-06-2014 3:38 PM

Eddie Andreini
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Eddie Andreini passed away on Sunday at Travis AFB on Sunday he was like a 2nd Dad to my friend
Craig "Buddy" Robinson. He Lived quite a life and at 77 he was doing some pretty amazing things.

This was His P-51 that he Restored and flew in Airshows

Also his Red Yac-9

and His Stearman stunt plane that he crashed in.

fence_sence 05-06-2014 3:52 PM

Blue skies and tailwinds, Eddie.

Sad news for sure.

fly135 05-07-2014 9:45 AM

Didn't know of him, but my Dad flew a Stearman in WWII. Cool pic! And RIP Eddie.

bftskir 05-08-2014 9:46 AM

Looked like he lost power just after inverting

fence_sence 05-08-2014 11:13 AM

You certainly couldn't land a plane upside down any better. If there was a text book entry for upside down landings, that landing would be textbook. He was one hell of a stick.

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