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rexlex01 05-01-2014 3:57 PM

Boat comparisons MPG/GPH
How would you rate the top 4 boat brands in order , that put out great wakes with the least weight, while being the most fuel efficient between 1997 and 2007?

rexlex01 05-01-2014 4:17 PM


boardman74 05-01-2014 4:23 PM

Pretty tough to do when there are really no reliable test numbers. Plus everyone uses them different and weights them difference. Plus what models are you talking? Really impossible to answer. But should be fun…I'm gonna grab some popcorn.

Pad1Tai 05-01-2014 6:04 PM

Just fill it and ride..... They all bleed petroleum..

If i was worried about gas, I'd buy a sailboat..

masongardner 05-01-2014 6:53 PM

Ya man. Don't base what you end up with on fuel consumption. Base it on what's cozy and meets your needs best. There are no "hybrid," boats lol

Khyber 05-01-2014 7:05 PM

Try the G. Seriously....ride, have fun, and get your friends to pitch in for gas if you are that concerned

bftskir 05-01-2014 7:50 PM

Double the fuel bill for each ton of weight

cwb4me 05-02-2014 4:27 AM

I would say they are more efficient than the newer boats. They are generally lighter and don't have all that surf apparatus to create drag. As for which one is most efficent? Your guess is as good as mine.

fman 05-02-2014 6:13 AM

13 VLX with Monsoon 350, Acme 2315 prop. Just ran 6 hours yesterday on the lake, we surfed with approx 3000 lbs + wedge and wakeboarded with 1250 Lbs hard tank, 800 lbs in bags, wedge. I used exactly 5 gallons of fuel per hour. Had a 5 peeps on the boat.

I monitored because I was curious what the difference would be between the Acme 1235 and 2315 prop. I am actually using less fuel with the 2315.

I agree with sailboat comment, fill it up and ride... Anyone who is concerned about fuel consumption in any wake boat will never use it. They all chug it down.

rexlex01 05-02-2014 7:16 AM

no surfing, just wake boarding.

tonyv420 05-02-2014 8:13 AM

You shouldnt own a boat, if your worried about gas! ;)

rexlex01 05-02-2014 8:31 AM

Found something:

Quote: Fuel: SAN is really fuel efficient. We could manage 9hrs on 1 fuel tank of wakeboarding (4gallon an hour), the BU with standard weight would take 5 gallon, the X2 even more... For us in Europe it meant refuelling the X2 every evening before or after boarding (smaller tank and could not squeeze 2 nights out of it), the BU 2 nights, while with the SAN we could squeeze 3 evenings of boarding out of the 150ltr tank..."


rallyart 05-02-2014 9:12 AM

The engine power really has no affect on fuel economy at cruising speeds as every engine in any particular hull would be making the same power at that cruising speed, so you can ignore that as a factor. A lighter hull has to push less water out of the way when planing so that will help with economy. Generally a narrower hull gets better economy than a wide one due to hydrodynamics. A helm adjustable trim plate will give you the benefit of coming out of the water quicker on starts and trimming the boat some to improve efficiency at cruise or higher speeds.
Most wakeboat hulls are very efficient at cruising speeds so economy is good there. At high speeds they suck compared to a sterndrive. or OB. You can join BoatTest and research their findings. It's usually pretty thorough.

How you drive which ever boat you drive will make a much bigger difference than who makes the boat if you are considering economy as a major factor

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