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TRey19 04-23-2014 8:26 PM

Boat to surf and wakeboard
I have been looking for boats and i've narrowed it down to 5. All used

a 2007 Malibu Wakesetter vtx

a 2005 Mastercraft x-star

a 2006 Nautique SV211

a 2001 Super Air Nautique

and a 2007 Supra Launch 22 SSV

We want a nice roomy boat, but we want it to have a really good wakeboard wake, and we would like to be able to surf without the rope. Which do you all think provides the best results for us. Just assume they all are the same price and have the same ballast systems.

Any info is appreciated as I don't know much.

tn_rider 04-23-2014 8:55 PM

IMO x-star all the way

shawndoggy 04-23-2014 9:01 PM

those are all pretty Meh/bad/unimpressive surf boats. Xstar has best wakeboard wake by a mile.

TRey19 04-24-2014 7:29 AM

would I be able to surf them, once they are properly weighted?

chattwake 04-24-2014 7:31 AM

Isn't that generation of xstar a notoriously bad surf boats I mean like virtually impossible?

Nordicron 04-24-2014 8:06 AM

Seems to me from your expectations(roomy,good wake, rope less surf)the Supra might be the best fit.

While the star is a great wakeboard wake it's surf isn't as good and it's a pretty small seating layout in the cabin.

wakereviews 04-24-2014 9:00 AM

I'd go with the 211.

fence_sence 04-24-2014 11:25 AM

I'd go with the Supra. The rest of those are fairly crappy surf boats.

No Tige 22v/ve? The surf wakes are basically automatic and can be world class with some basic mods. The wakeboard wakes can be dialed in pretty respectably. Certainly good enough to go out and break yourself in half. While the interior isn't anything to write home about, they are pretty roomy and comfortable.

cjh1669 04-24-2014 11:41 AM

You can set up a VTX to surf pretty damn well if you know how

fence_sence 04-24-2014 11:57 AM


Originally Posted by cjh1669 (Post 1874164)
You can set up a VTX to surf pretty damn well if you know how

That's certainly better than most I've seen. Nice work.

Tims 04-24-2014 1:16 PM

I think the Supra probably would fit your needs the best. It has good room in the cabin out of boats on the list, good wakeboard wake over 21mph, and can be easily set up to make a good surf wave. All the rest of the boats fall short on at least one out of the 3 requirements you have.

cjh1669 04-24-2014 2:05 PM

I'd second the supra. You can get a great wakeboard wake out of the xstar, but the surf wave is meh. You can get a good wakeboard and surf wave out of the VTX, but lacks room. The san 210 has a great wakeboard wake, good surf wake, but lacks room. Don't know much about the 211

TRey19 04-24-2014 8:33 PM

how about this one. 2004 Tige 22v

TRey19 04-25-2014 8:09 AM

the wakesetter also has the power wedge, if that makes a difference on opinion. All of them have upgraded ballast.

laptom 04-27-2014 11:59 PM

I second cjh. X star great wakeboard wake with weight. Surf wake & interior is lacking. 211 is a crossover: intermediate wakeboarden wake, slightly better surf wake, strange interior layout. 210 has a very good wakeboarding wake and pretty good surf wake, interior on the small side. Vtx has a good wakeboard wake and intermediate surf wake, lacking on interior. Supra does everything pretty good on those 3 aspects.

FastR3DN3K 04-28-2014 7:36 AM

That Tige would actually be a pretty good choice, especially if it's as clean as the owner makes it out to be, but I'd try to get the price down a bit. Nearly $34k is steep for that one, and you can buy a brand new Tige R20 for not much more than that.

WakeDirt 04-28-2014 9:01 AM

I'll be "that guy", if you're looking towards a boat that surfs...well, and can wakeboard, have you thought about an Avalanche or a 21' MB Tomcat?

MCObray 04-28-2014 11:57 AM

Boat to surf and wakeboard
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We just surf our '07 VTX. If you want ballast stats, I can get you those. Ill second the notion that the VTX can put out a good surf wave when weighted correctly.

TRey19 04-29-2014 1:09 PM

Thanks all of this information helps. Discussing with the family, the interior is not a huge issue as long as we can fit about 8 people in there, which sounds like all of these boats can. We aren't looking for an amazing surf wave as we will be just learning, we are just looking for a wave that will be the easiest to set up and ride. We are trying to focus on our wakeboard progression, so as long as the wake can get big enough to progress from an alright rider to a good rider. So in the easiest way possible to list criteria it is:

1. Good Wakeboard wake
2. Surfable wave, without straining ourselves too much to find the perfect ballast combo
3. can fit 8 people

fence_sence 04-29-2014 3:16 PM

^^^ Tige 22ve.

boardman74 04-29-2014 4:06 PM

I would say any of those boat, with the exception of the 22SSV, is going to be pretty snug with 8 adults. Most of them downright tight with 8 people.

dvsone79 04-29-2014 5:34 PM

If your #1 priority is wakeboard but still want a surf wake that has push then I would lean toward the Super Air. That hull throws a wakeboard wake that hasn't been beat until the G23, imo. And I'm a MC guy. But if I could have found a SAN for the right price when I was looking I would have gotten it. My 205v throws a big clean wake. Right on part with the SAN. But the surf wake behind mine isn't even close to what my buddy's '04 SANTE puts out.

flintwake 04-30-2014 7:15 PM

2003 SAN surf/wake
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I'm pretty sure the 2003 and 2001 are the same hull. Anyway...I'd say this is pretty surfable. But I mean some people would like it bigger? This is 2 people in the boat and 650 in the back and another 400 behind the driver. 9.8MPH with the acme power prop..I can't remember the number on it but it's the really popular one. With 650 on each side of the motor and 600-700 in the nose this wake is ridiculous as 22.5MPH for wake boarding.

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