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fullspeed 04-18-2014 12:06 PM

LED lights for fishing
Has anyone seen these or this type of light system for fishing? I am think about buying one for our family lake houses. Green looks like the color to purchase that attracts the most fish, but I think we would like to just like to sit on our deck and drink and watch the fish that show up.

House is at Lake Tulloch, Ca. and the water is pretty clear. I would hope there would be a pretty good turn out of fish. Does it really work?

Also has anyone seen the blue and does it work as well?

fullspeed 04-18-2014 12:07 PM


forgot the link.

grant_west 04-18-2014 8:20 PM

I can't speak about the product that you listed in a link or about the green versus blue. The idea behind the underwater lights for fishing works like this. Plankton is attracted to the light. Smaller fish come up to feed on the plankton. Larger fish feed on them etc. I don't think the planking is too particular as far as color.
I shot this video a few years back at our dock at Lake tulloch. The fish you see in the video are Shad. They were feeding on the plankton that was attracted to the blue light. Sorry about the annoying music in the video. I had to add it because my friends were talking and dropping F bombs the whole time I was videoing so I needed something to cover up their annoying banter

fullspeed 04-19-2014 1:24 PM

Thanks Grant. I ordered 2 of the green ones only because the green seemed to be much brighter color in the water. I will post pictures or video once I get a chance to use them. Thanks again for the video, I can't wait to surprise my family at the next outing to the lake house.

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