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xstarrider 04-16-2014 3:55 PM

Ronix Phoenix Project Anybody have any experience
Anyone ever been on one?

I am currently on a 2012 Ronix Mana( the new design) Love the speed and snap. Looking for little softer landings How's the Phoenix stack up ? It's strictly boat no cable

Jmaxymek 04-16-2014 8:33 PM

Well to state the obvious: your Mana which is a seriously aggressive three stage rocker vs the Phoenix which is a continuous rocker. The Mana is rock hard, the Phoenix is a hybrid flex board. I love my Phoenix. It's a super smooth ride with a gentle snap off of the wake and much softer landings than the Mana. Where the Mana lands like a 2x4, the Phoenix will land like a pillow. The Phoenix is going to take you out rather than up if that makes sense. Any specific reason you want to make such a drastic change?

scbrips 04-16-2014 8:54 PM

I switched from riding an old GB Harris (aggressive 3 stage) to the Phoenix Project a couple of years ago. It's the best board I've ever ridden. Landings are definitely smoother and pop off the wake is more consistent/less abrupt. It tracks well, breaks free when you want it to, etc. It's a very predictable board. I ride boat almost exclusively and I love it.

xstarrider 04-17-2014 2:26 PM

Yea I know that Mana has a wicked flat spot. I just want to make sure the phoenix doesn't ride like a wet noodle. One feature I have always liked in my boards is a more locked in feel. I have always rode with fins . I don't hit any rails and I am not the king of butters and surface slides. I think I am ready (well my knees and body are) for the swap to a little more forgiving board to the body. I know its going to take some time to get used to the release, but think its worth a shot.

xstarrider 04-17-2014 2:27 PM

jordan saw your profile, And you have ridden the One and the witness. Both of which I have as well. How do you relate the kick of those to the Phoenix

tampawake 04-17-2014 2:39 PM

Hey Swat if you look at the phoenix I would take a look at the Recoil or Response. The only board I regret getting rid of is my recoil that board was fun. Thinking of picking up a response. btw took your suggestion and got the 1235 for my xstar

wakebordr11 04-17-2014 7:54 PM

What style rider are you? I'm a slow edger, straight up wake to wake type and the Phoenix is fine but I prefer the mana behind the boat. It's a fun board. I found the beveled tip and fin placement made it release real slick like off the wake. Released real easy. That's my experience though. Others may be different.

xstarrider 04-18-2014 9:42 AM


I ridden all the slingshot boards as of 2013. I just dint care for their feel The Hooke was my favorite out of the bunch. I think it has to do with their featureless bases. I felt toes side I just couldn't really lay into the board.

I have always liked faster edgy boards like the old Premier, Gator Prospect, original Ronix Covin, and now the new Mana shape. The original mana was a pig. I am wake to wake guy with shorter poppier cuts. Really don't take stuff into the flats. The more I try and find a happy medium of landing and pop the more I think it's one or the other. I also like the release off the wake with the Mana . It's loads up perfectly and kicks when u wait for it.

tampawake 04-18-2014 11:19 AM

Xstar cool. Keep us updated on the boat purchase. You have been looking at just about everything. I am like you wish I could get more size the only negative to our boats. I currently ride SS lyman. I enjoyed the featureless for slides etc but understand what ya mean. I have not found a SS board that I thought landed soft but have only ridden ONE, Mana, Viva, Ibex.

Jmaxymek 04-19-2014 12:06 AM

XStar- The One rode more like your Mana. Pretty straight up pop with that flat spot, where the Phoenix will ride more like the Witness. Phoenix isn't going to lock you in the same way. It's a pretty featureless bottom, so you'll definitely be relying on fins (It comes with 1.0 and .08) to keep you locked down. As far as your concern about the wet noodle ride, although it's categorized as a "flex" board, behind the boat I never felt like it wanted to just give out on me. It'll ride mellower than you Mana, not as aggressive off the wake and not so abrupt of a pop, but if you're a little more patient with your release, you'll have a blast riding it.

Edit: As far as fins go, I started out with the 1.0s because I too liked the locked in ride I got with my One, but I gave the 0.8s a chance and found that they still tracked well but gave me a little more freedom to break the board loose.

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