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antoddio 04-13-2014 8:08 PM

Which swivel board racks
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I was trying to get a set of swivel board racks but not sure they will work with my bimini. I am most interested in samson typhoon. Will it work or am I out of luck? I guess I could save a lot of $$ if I had to go with the cannon fixed racks. Thanks.

h20king 04-14-2014 4:32 AM

They will not work with your Bimini better go fixed

brichter14 04-14-2014 4:54 AM

I would move your fixed rack to the back tower post so it is easier to reach

antoddio 04-14-2014 7:38 AM

Yea...i was not smart putting that rack on the front. I've already sold them and will be putting on new cannon fixed racks it looks like

bass10after 04-15-2014 6:46 PM

if it was me i'd still order swivels for two reasons. 1. if you're storage is tight that would eliminate having to take them off or when towing they can be turned to minimize bug spatter even if they aren't currently compatable with your bimini if a board is in there. Second reason is modifying that bimini to work with them or a new bimini could end up on the to do list at some point and you'd already have your swivels... I found a set of aerial swivel racks on ebay and got both for I think about $150. One was the double wakeboard and the other was wake/surfboard combo. They work pretty good and I think it was one of the better deals i've ever come across. I was hoping to find any swivel i could and be at around 200$ each until I spotted these late one night drinking beers and ebay browsing. I think they had been posted 15min before i bought it NOW NOW NOW!! lol

heres the surf combo
heres the regular

zammer 04-17-2014 8:13 PM

Samson cannon racks are nice for the price but thebTyphoons are amazing, just put a pair on today double wake/surf

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