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550wakeboarddad 04-13-2014 6:28 AM

advice on a 2004Tige 20 I switch
So.....we have been on the search for a good used boat that wont break the bank!! Ran across this one w/ less than 100 hours:) for 19k. We will use the boat more for wakeboarding than skiing and read that it is more of a designed ski boat. Any feedback from anyone w/ experience owning this boat wound be much appreciated.:D

illini88 04-13-2014 7:08 AM

I had a 2001 20i, and I really liked the boat. The rear locker was nice, as you could put a 440 back there, completely hidden (if you filled it all the way, the sun deck would lift up a bit, but not a big deal). The wake wasn't huge, but it was nice. I really liked the boat. The biggest downside was the freeboard, or lack there of. The nose on those boats dives in the front, and it took water over the bow easily. I know some people complain about the quality on these early Tige's. I always felt it was a well built boat, but I did replace all of the vinyl when I bought it. There were a few pieces on mine that were coming apart at the seams and one cushion was missing, so I just replaced the whole interior.

What motor is in the one you're looking at? I had the 5.7 MPI.

bstroop 04-13-2014 7:45 AM

The 2004 has a lot more freeboard than some of the earlier models. I had an 06 and loved it. It's pretty roomy for a 20 footer and rides well in chop with the taps down. If my family and friend crew were smaller I wouldn't have sold it.

Like stated above, the wake shape is nice but not big. The locker will hold a nice sized sack to help your wake.

Not a bad price IMO if it's in good condition.

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