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08-28-2003 11:45 AM

Does any one know what binding placement i should have for bigger air and/or switch riding?

tdeneka 08-28-2003 12:04 PM

Place them on the board, left one to the left, right one to the right. <BR> <BR>Seriously though, do what is comfortable. I haven't noticed too much difference in pop when I moved my stance further out, but the landings seemed softer. Some may say to just put them as far apart as possible; wide base is good for stability (like in most sports involving impact and balance!) but if you go too far it is no good. As far as switch, keep them symmetrical or close to symmetrical so you can easily go both ways.

eternalshadow 10-23-2003 12:57 PM

slightly ducked, may seem awkward at first but once you get used to edging like that it helps your switch riding.

wakehype 10-23-2003 11:02 PM

ducked all the way out

wakehype 10-23-2003 11:03 PM

thats how i ride, not saying thats how you should ride to get big air, thats all in technique/edge/etc... <BR> <BR>Do what is comfortable. I have seen guys one in on a premier 135 do pretty much anything they wanted.

tantrum999 10-24-2003 3:38 AM

Maxed out looks good! but take care. not so much that you sink the nose on landing. it dependes on how you ride what board ect. if you do alot of spins then the swing weight is less maxed out. <BR> on the general what you want to do is move them out a bit at a time till you feel thats the one for you. make sure you have exactly the same amount of holes showing either side. <BR>Another thing to keep in mind is that the wider your stance the more pressure on your knees. too narrow and seems to be more on your back (if your going big). <BR>I used to ride maxed out but since straining my knees on big landing i have moved them in by hole either end. <BR>when i set up other peoples boards when they want to go for a wider stance i angle the bindings out more duck the wider they go, it takes the pressure of your knees and tendants a bit. <BR> <BR>TAKE a good look at your board. i have corrected so many because they have accidentally got one hole out especially if you have it a bit more towards the nose. it can really screw you up. <BR> <BR>I will feel different for the first five minutes to beware not to move them too drastically straight away. <BR> <BR>good luck <BR>

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