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waketx05 04-10-2014 5:09 PM

Ronix Schnook
Posted a thread that didn't get a lot of attention so we will try another board. Need soft landings and flex at the cable. Knee won't allow tail heavy landings. Thoughts on this shape? Feedback?

dezul 04-12-2014 8:23 AM

Good luck. Let us know what you find.

bschall 04-12-2014 10:07 AM

the el von is a super fun shape at the cable. but not one that I would consider to have "soft" landings. of the boards you have been asking about the Union is most likely your best bet for flex and good landings. I ride the cwb groove and it lands really well as well. I just got to spin the woodro and was pleasantly surprised at its pressability and it wasnt harsh on landings at all.

I have other buddies that ride the deluxe and love it too.

All board companies are making great cable boards now so you really cant go wrong with many of them.

Happy shopping

ntkamper 04-12-2014 1:58 PM

if soft landings is something your adamant about having, you would need to stay far away from the above mentioned board

fly135 04-12-2014 7:32 PM

My Jobe Conflict is the softest landing board I've ridden. Unfortunately it still doesn't appear to be released in the US market.

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