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waketx05 04-10-2014 10:55 AM

Hyperlite Union/Franchise FLX/Comparable
Hey everyone. Its been awhile since I've posted but the time has come again for a new board and I wanted to try and get some feedback. 90% cable rider. I have a board I use primarily for boat so this is only in regards to a board for cable.

As of now I'm on a 2013 Slingshot Response 142 and its become harder for me to ride. To get the "soft landings" you need to land more tail heavy and with my effed up knee, tail heavy isn't an option. Now its time to get something more suitable.

I recently rode a friends Franchise FLX and enjoyed it for the most part.. Problem being that the boots were missing some insoles and were too big so I didnt get the full effect. Regardless, better landings and enjoyed the ride and the way it felt on sliders and off the kicker.

Problem, the largest size the Franchise FLX comes in is a 139 and I would prefer something in the 142 range. Not because of my size but more because I like a larger board, its more comfortable for me.

Was looking into a Hyperlite Union because its the same core and construct of the Franchise FLX and it comes in a 142. Wondering if anyone rides one and what they think of it... I'm also open to suggestions for other boards....

So WW fam.... Fire away!!

Goonz 04-10-2014 3:24 PM

I bought the Union this year for cabling. Loving it so far! Seems like a very durable board. It's fast on sliders and get great pop for air tricks.

ntkamper 04-11-2014 7:48 AM


being on the hyperlite pro team, i have tons of experience with both of these boards. I started 14' season riding the franchise flex. its a ton of fun, very lightweight and thin board. I like it a lot for rails and air tricks, it holds its edge really well without fins. This is a faster shape. It does not offer the softest landings in the game tho, it lands a bit hard of the kicker compared to the union.
I got back on the union a few months ago and i will keep riding this board, its definitely my favorite. It has a ton of rocker, which helps tremendously with soft landings. Its got a ton of flex as well, great on rails. It will take a little more of an aggressive edge to release your air tricks, but you get a ton of pop off the flats. My recommendation for you is definitely the 142 union, you cannot go wrong here and the board will never break. Get systems too if your looking for extra soft landings! any more questions let me know!


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