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Griggs24 04-09-2014 2:18 PM

Cedar Creek Lake TX???
Im thinking about heading out to Cedar Creek Lake this weekend because our home lake is too low. I noticed that Cedar Creek is only down 4 foot. Does anyone know a good place to lauch where the truck will be safe? Where is a good place to ride on that lake as well? I appriciate the help in adavance!

cedarcreek216V 04-09-2014 2:51 PM

Launch at Big Chief Marina in Main St or 334. It's a deep ramp with a nice prop wash area. We have a house out there, water was glass this past weekend. There are a ton of places to ride depending in wind direction.

If you go under the bridge right out of Big Chief the water along the shoreline right past the bridge is normally good. If you want to see more of the lake go out of the big cove to the main lake, swing very wide of that island and DO NOT go between the island and shoreline or you will be in trouble. Once out to the main lake hang a left and you will see some power line in the water on the right shoreline, good riding over there too. You will have the whole lake to yourself.

Griggs24 04-09-2014 3:23 PM

Thanks for the information. Is there alot of under water hazards i need to watch out for or is the lake pretty clean around there?

cedarcreek216V 04-09-2014 3:34 PM

Cedar Creek Lake TX???
It's real clean. It's a very popular weekend lake for everyone in Dallas so it stays clean. I have never hit anything in five years out there. This time if year you should be able to stay in nice deep shoreline water and have great water. There was no one at all out last weekend. If you drop in at Big Chief and go to the main lake do not go to the right, it's shallow over there. If you go under the bridge right by Big Chief, don't go in too far, it gets stumpy. But there is a little cutout in the shore right under the bridge to the right that is good and deep. You safest place is over by the power lines or further down by the damn.

DaveC 04-10-2014 5:33 PM

My favorite around here is Caddo. The river is always smooth. The state park has a good ramp and dock. We are usually at lake Tyler though. It is above full right now.

Griggs24 04-10-2014 6:13 PM

Where is Caddo located? Is it Caddo lake? I have never been to lake tyler. Looks pretty sweet how you can go from lake to lake trough that canal. How deep is lake tyler?

CHern5972 04-10-2014 6:23 PM

I miss it up there. Had allot of good times on cedar creek

cedarcreek216V 04-10-2014 8:02 PM

The further east you go the more full the lakes are. I like Palestine too and it's pretty much in Tyler so you have nice amenities close.

cedarcreek216V 04-10-2014 8:04 PM

If you would have sent this earlier I could have let you use our house at Cedar Creek for a good price, but someone has already reserved it for this weekend.

brett33 04-10-2014 10:26 PM

Jerry- Do you have a link to your house for rent or pictures?

cedarcreek216V 04-11-2014 6:14 AM

Here you go.


It's not a lot, but we keep up nicely and keep it priced below pretty much anything else on the lake that has good water access. When the lake is full, we have about 6.5' of water at our dock. Once it gets more than 3.5' low getting a tow boat to our dock is questioneable. I have done it at 4' low, but that requires shutting her down about 100 yards out, hopping off the back and walking it in, and of course reversing the process to get out.

The house is great, we provide everything needed once you get there other than food, drinks and shower products.

DaveC 04-11-2014 7:54 AM


Originally Posted by Griggs24 (Post 1872306)
Where is Caddo located? Is it Caddo lake? I have never been to lake tyler. Looks pretty sweet how you can go from lake to lake trough that canal. How deep is lake tyler?

Yes. Caddo Lake. We don't go on the lake. Just the river right by Uncertain north of Marshall.
Lake Tyler is pretty awesome but there are a lot of boats on the weekends unless you get there early or late.
Depth varies but no tree stumps. Max depth is about 30 feet I think... The canal is open. Just no wake zone. If it's rough on one lake, go to the other side. There is a lot of wakeboarding at Lake Tyler.

Griggs24 04-11-2014 10:42 AM

Decided were going to give Lake Tyler a shot. Seems to be a pretty cool lake and with winds blowing out of the south tomorrow the dame side looks like it will be smooth. Anything I need to worry about out there? I plan on lauching at Concession Marina. Is this a good place to lauch?

DaveC 04-11-2014 11:12 AM

Thats is fine but use the ramp away from the building. The other one is not level. Don't use the boat docs. Use the pies at the ramps. When you head out to the water go between the weeds. Those are islands and do not go toward the swimming area when heading out to the water. It gets shallow.
You could go to Hill creek boat ramp. Its a single ramp with nothing to worry about unless the wind is blowing. The channel right there sucks wind.
The dam is ok to ride at. There are a couple of coves on that lake on the north end or you can go through the chanel to the other lake. Plenty of places to ride there too. I think Tyler Paddle SUP is doing something on the lake this weekend or next weekend.

DaveC 04-11-2014 2:55 PM

pies = piers...

LeeG23 04-12-2014 7:57 AM

Hit me up when out there. We can take the G out later if u want

DaveC 04-12-2014 3:17 PM

It was awful Wendy today. I didn't make it because I was on call and couldn't get away. Hit me up next time. We can take my x1.

LeeG23 04-12-2014 7:45 PM

Def bad day to ride. Lemme know when out

Griggs24 04-12-2014 9:00 PM

We went out there today and lake was awesome but the wind was a terrible factor! We ended up just anchoring out by the damn and enjoying a little sun! Water temp was 62.

DatTexasBoy 04-14-2014 9:17 AM


PM me and we can meet up next time your in town. We will be out there this Sat which will be one of the first days the wind is supposed to lay down. Great Lake and it's full.

Griggs24 04-14-2014 12:53 PM

Will Do. Im pretty sure we are heading back out there this weekend. Do you know of any homes on the water that they rent for the weekends? If not what about camping or small cabins? Heck I wish someone would just rent me one of those boat houses sitting out there!

DatTexasBoy 04-14-2014 2:48 PM

Not sure of any rentals. I know of some people that camp a the Hill creek park but do not think there is any electricity or showers.

LeeG23 04-14-2014 4:15 PM

Try vrbo. I think there r some on there. We plan on being out there sat and sun as well

DatTexasBoy 04-14-2014 7:01 PM

Lee you have the all black G?

DaveC 04-14-2014 8:39 PM

Rance, what time you planning on going? I'll be out too.

runin90lx 04-15-2014 2:22 AM

I didn't realize we had so many people from east TX area on here.

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DatTexasBoy 04-15-2014 7:43 AM

Dave. Pretty much all day. Probably 10- till........

DaveC 04-15-2014 7:45 AM

My parents are coming down this weekend but yall still gotta ride with me some time.

andrew_moreton 04-15-2014 10:07 AM

I've been to Cedar Creek before but want to try some more of the East Texas lakes. The East Texas lakes remind me more of the lakes I grew up on in Missouri and Kentucky than the lakes around DFW. Would love to come out to Lake Tyler, and also try out Lake Athens, Lake Palestine, Lake Cypress Springs, etc. Have a new Mastercraft X10 with the Gen2 Surf Package if anyone wants to show me around for pulls!

DaveC 04-15-2014 10:20 AM

Andrew, I'm in. Just say when.

andrew_moreton 04-15-2014 10:33 AM

Dave, will let you know, will likely be sometime in May. Going to my parents' for Easter and then have a bachelor party the following weekend. Finally got around to updating the profile with the new boat, btw!

Griggs24 04-15-2014 11:21 AM

Anyone stayed at the cabins at Petroleum club on lake tyler? Its a members only club but we know some people that are members.

LeeG23 04-15-2014 11:49 AM

Rance, yep that's me n all black G

DatTexasBoy 04-15-2014 12:12 PM

Lee, Ok I thought so.

Chase, I have not but they are probably ok.

DaveC 04-15-2014 2:39 PM

I'm pretty sure anything to do with the Petroleum club is good. That is where the new Tyler Paddle company is. You can rent SUP's there.

stuntmonkey 04-15-2014 3:55 PM

Palestine is pretty sweet, was out this weekend and it was dead!

andrew_moreton 04-15-2014 4:09 PM

Any good public boat ramps on Palestine?

stuntmonkey 04-15-2014 4:30 PM

Flat Creek and Palestine Marina are good. We have our boat on a lift and put it in on our ramp so don't really know, but those 2 have been mentioned a few times.

DatTexasBoy 04-15-2014 7:02 PM

There are plenty of stumps in Palestine. Make sure you know where you are at all times.

stuntmonkey 04-15-2014 7:27 PM

That pretty much goes for any east texas lake from what I can gather.

stuntmonkey 04-15-2014 7:43 PM

If anyone comes across a map for Palestine I'd appreciate the heads up.

runin90lx 04-16-2014 2:00 AM

Tyler and Bob Sandlin are my favorite east TX lakes. Bob Sandlin is hardly ever busy even in the summer time.

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andrew_moreton 04-16-2014 7:21 AM

Which of the East Texas lakes has retaining walls? I know Cedar Creek has a lot but haven't been on the other lakes.

DatTexasBoy 04-16-2014 12:50 PM

Caddo has a few but Tyler doesn't have too many. Rollers dissipate pretty well.

stuntmonkey 04-16-2014 2:29 PM

Palestine has retainers if you face the main body, coves don't.

LeeG23 04-17-2014 8:10 AM

anyone wanna ride saturday on tyler?

Griggs24 04-17-2014 8:16 AM

We might head out there if the weather is good. Just waiting to see if its going to rain.

LeeG23 04-17-2014 8:45 AM

k hit me up ill b at boathouse all day, im removing most of the graphics(not fun) and replacing interior speakers(fun)

DatTexasBoy 04-17-2014 9:26 AM

Lee. I'll be there Saturday. Should be out around 10.

I'll stop by

Griggs24 04-17-2014 11:07 AM

Rance, Where do you lauch at?

LeeG23 04-17-2014 7:19 PM

Good deal rance, bring ur heat gun to peel off some graphics!!

DaveC 04-17-2014 8:17 PM

Lee, where is your boat house?

brett33 04-17-2014 8:58 PM

Weather permitting I'll be out there Saturday with the 210.. and I've got and extra heat gun!

runin90lx 04-18-2014 3:24 AM

All yall suck! I'm stuck in BFE south TX working lol

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LeeG23 04-18-2014 6:04 AM

I'm on east lake way up north on the West Bank. Green top boathouse. I'm past the sand bar that forms an island when lake is low

LeeG23 04-18-2014 9:21 AM

Brett come on by anytime

DatTexasBoy 04-18-2014 5:06 PM

Griggs-Bethy Creek.

DaveC 04-18-2014 9:20 PM

Lee, my parents are here from Ok and love driving around lake Tyler looking at boat houses. If you see a yellow X1 creepin' don't be alarmed....

LeeG23 04-19-2014 8:11 AM

Dave, ill b on the lookout! B out there soon

DaveC 04-20-2014 8:27 AM

We didn't make it up that way. Awesome day on the water until about 3. Then it was boats everywhere.

brett33 04-20-2014 11:58 AM

Rance- Good meeting y'all Saturday. I appreciate the pulls. That A22 of yours is seriously impressive! Hope to see you guys out there more!

DatTexasBoy 04-20-2014 12:22 PM

Yessir no problem

DaveC 04-24-2014 6:03 PM

Is anybody going out this weekend?

snork 04-24-2014 6:22 PM

Might need to find some shelter from the gail force winds

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