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Monica 04-04-2014 9:44 AM

Louisiana Girl needs Friends with BOATS!
I am looking for new friends who take their boats out around the Baton Rouge area on the weekends. I want to get back on the water ASAP!!! I will bring beer, snacks and GAS MONEY!


alexair 04-04-2014 10:01 AM

As I see Louisiana is a desert :(

CHern5972 04-04-2014 7:10 PM

Little too much east. Im in houston

granddaddy53 04-05-2014 5:16 PM

your chariot has arrived madam
check out our classified add - http://www.wakeworld.com/classifield....php?view=3842 or search our facebook page "ride or rent dave's wakeboat axis a20 w/surfgate and autowedge". boat is scheduled for delivery brand new next thursday april 10. tower speakers, racks, and bags should be installed not later than april 30. the boat has a heater too!!!!. This is going to be a great surfride. Come to one of the best ski spots in the country, the bonnet carre spillway in Norco, la. DAvid posey 504 430 2563

Monica 04-06-2014 6:39 AM

I'm not looking to rent a boat. Thank you though!

granddaddy53 04-07-2014 8:15 AM

you may find it easier because you are a girl, but I got one ride in 1 1/2 years online in lake ponchartrain area, so I fixed my old fish and ski. You don't have to rent you can ride all day for a fee with heater and hot wetsuit tray. check Bennett's prices and you will see how great a deal this is. they want you on boat and out of water soon as possible so their pros can ride and they can't even sink the boats because of shallow ponds. This is my wife's boat she bought us for our birthday so you won't be only girl. 3 locker bags and onboard ballast and this 20footer with wedge will make a great wake. You can ride the surfgate massive wave(even if just 3 people) or our skate between wakeboard air runs instead of just resting and really get your money's worth and go all day. we have a great skate for bare feet and a new noseride surf board(good for beginners) and maneuver surfboard coming.

You can blast your favorite ride music over the cans through bluetooth and if you bring your own highspeed micro sd card, you can bring home your own videos from a raft in front of you on rope or from boat while surfing. You can even wear helmet and camera for forward pov shot. Great memories!!!!

Sorry to bug you again, but notice not very much activity, and who's to say after the 1st ride you get any more as that is what happened to me after a year of trying to get a ride over the internet. Sounds expensive, but have you ever owned and operated a new boat, that is not less than $1000 a month with note, insurance, maintenance, gas and gear. You could ride 4 all days a month for $480 plus gas with no responsibility for anything but showing up and bringing your food and favorite drink as we supply water and occasionally some food. Louisiana is not the same ride culture as you may find in other places where you can show up whenever for gas money on a lake environement, this is rivers and bayous and you don't see the boats after they leave launch.. I was offering $100 a day or more and got 1 ride.

David Posey 504 430 2563

Monica 04-07-2014 8:39 AM

I'm not looking to pay fees or anything of that nature. I'm looking for new friends to ride with when my friends aren't available. I appreciate the reply :)

LukeR103 04-07-2014 8:48 AM

Check out the LSU Wake Team. They ride a bunch in BR - I think they are on FaceSpace

Also, go check out the Rukus in Baton Rouge if you want to meet people in the area who ride.

There is also a Cable Park in Lafayette if you don't mind the drive.

davez71 04-08-2014 6:16 PM

Monica - Bennetts will offer you a pull with 8 laps on there lake for 25 -30 bucks. like mentioned above you can try LSU wake. I rode with those guys for a while and they are a great crew just bring gas money. I keep my boat outside of BR on a river on a lift. the wake scene isnt very big in LA but rukus should be able to help you get on the water as well.

Monica 04-09-2014 8:00 AM

Ruckus guys were really nice to me last summer. Hopefully I can get back with them this summer as well.

Monica 04-09-2014 8:00 AM

Rukus** phone autocorrect :)

chris_schweda 04-09-2014 9:33 PM

Friends with boats
I am in New Orleans and go every weekend you are welcome to come down 504-782-7203 chris

gus_olah 04-17-2014 9:54 PM

Monica we are on the diversion Canal and go out all the time. My daughter, Elizabeth (18) goes to nocca everyday for school, she is a senior there in New Orleans. If you ever want to go out on the weekends with us shoot me a text. We ski and wakeboard. 2012 Mastercraft x7
Gus 318-792-5465

Jeff 05-09-2014 1:21 PM

I tend to go out on the Intracoastal on weekdays after work and ride until dark. That's prime gator feeding time! PM me if you want and I'll let you know the next time I'm going out and have some room. It's usually a bunch of 30+ year old, mostly married, dudes with gelatinous midsections on my boat (myself included).

BTW there's a cable park in Lafayette (~1hr drive West):
I haven't been there yet so I can't speak for it but I'm planning on checking it out soon.

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