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ragboy 04-04-2014 1:43 AM

Fun Family Wakesurf, first day of spring.
We have surfed on and off through the winter, but mostly RJ and I and maybe Thomas doing some testing or something along those lines, but we got a chance to get out as a family on the weekend of 3/21, it was a beautiful day. It is sad we still need a bunch of rain, but we just had 2 storms and even more snow on the ground. I live only 15 mins north of the Lime Saddle marina on Lake Oroville.

The great thing about Oroville, is as long as you can launch, you will have a great day. It is so big and so deep, and so many fingers, plenty of room to surf. Also, the lower it is, the less people come out.

Thomas is now a JR Team Rider with Chaos/Shredstixx, he has always loved that Nano board, but the new Skywalker is not only great looking, but it is so much fun watching my kids advance.

Maddie is expecting a new board from Day 1, she won it from the EWT tour, she can't wait for that.

Jesse is probably going to want a new board, she can basically surf anything now. She was trunking it in 55 degree water, and didn't want to come in, she just kept going and it was freezing! As a dad, you gotta love that.

RJ has been riding Soulcraft boards for a while, but never sponsored. Nothing has really changed but RJ has a uniquely shaped board and it was a hit with people at the Polar Bear so Jeff has decided to make it its own shape and we got to name it, which is very cool. So I guess that makes RJ a team rider for SC, but he intends to still try out and play on many boards. Jeff is a great guy and we have enjoyed our relationship. Still always willing to help people ride whatever it is they love.

<iframe width="853" height="480" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/HpkPz58MSG4" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Oh, and the name of RJs board shape will be "AFK". If you are a software developer, you probably know what that is. ;-)

drnate 04-04-2014 9:59 AM

Thanks for sharing Robert. I always love your videos and info.

Your son Thomas is really progressing! It's so good to see that, I enjoy seeing it in my kids as well.

ragboy 04-04-2014 10:47 AM

Yeah, its a lot of fun to watch. i really feel blessed that all of my family loves the lake so much. Probably helps that they were raised on it!

tonyv420 04-04-2014 11:42 AM

Great start to the new season!!! love the progression of all your kids!!! They are the nicest kids I have met in a long time!! I love them!!

Jbort 04-04-2014 1:23 PM

looks good and some good moves by all. sing along w captions are especially fun.

YOLOBRO 04-07-2014 7:22 AM


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