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RedDvl33 04-02-2014 6:24 AM

Hello and Help!
Hey all,

Brand new to the forum, but not wakeboarding. I've been wakeboarding for about 6.5 years now but not nearly as much as I'd like (one of the problems living in the stinking panhandle of Texas, no water!). I'm looking to get a new board this year and am having some trouble scoping out what to get. I don't have the luxury of a local shop since there isn't a decent scene for 6 hours around me.

I've learned and progressed on a 2007 Liquid Force Team 143 and I think it's about time to get something a bit more advanced. I'm open to anything really so I'd love to have some suggestions! What are some good setups for a intermediate rider, 6'2, around 210 lbs?

I've toyed with getting a smaller board, 140-142 ish, just to help with weight and maneuverability in the air, but I know I'll be sacrificing in speed. What y'all think??

Talonsorensen 04-03-2014 11:04 PM

Cwb is coming out with some awesome stuff! the reverb is what I'm riding this year, it's super poppy, fast, consistent.

RedDvl33 04-14-2014 7:08 PM

Thanks for the suggestion Talon. I've got my eye on a 2013 Ronix Viva but am not sure if I should go for a 140 or 144. I'm just a bit worried a 140 might dig a bit on landings since I weigh around 210. I've never had a single problem with that on a 143.

Any thoughts on the Ronix? Should I move up a bit?

Talonsorensen 04-14-2014 11:23 PM

No problem! I personally don't have much experience with ronix but I'd suggest the 144 if anything the 144 will be faster and you don't have to risk it being to small! Especially if your already riding a 143! I have heard great things about the code 22 aswell I think it actually took the spot of the viva not quite sure though! Hope this helps!

dezul 04-15-2014 3:29 AM

Check out the new Ronix Air Core boards. I think you can get by with a 142-144 with the Air Core boards they have. They are extremely light weight. But is you don't want to drop the coin for one, I understand. The Viva would be an excellent alternative. Honestly, considering the age of your LF board, any new board will be lighter than it.

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