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nailem 04-02-2014 5:07 AM

thinking of selling my Duramax
05' Duramax Crew Cab 197,000 miles but she has been well maintained and is in really good condition. What do you think a good price would be?

MBofTexas 04-02-2014 5:24 AM

Go to NADA or KBB

nailem 04-02-2014 5:46 AM

I did and clean private seller is $17,200 but that dosen't always mean thats what people will pay. I would be happy with $16,500. Just trying to find out if it's worth putting her up for sale?

dp513 04-02-2014 6:22 AM

I sold my 05 with 135k for 22 last year. It was all done up. Lift, wheels,tire,a, system, exhaust,efi live. Put it up for 17500. People will always low ball you

kirk 04-02-2014 6:50 AM

If you are not sure if you want to put it up for sale, go price a new one.
Sticker shock might just give you your answer...

tyler97217 04-02-2014 6:52 AM

Post of up pictures, condition, tire depth, accident history, mantenance history, mods, smoking, 4x4,etc.....
People are just shooting blind to tell you what it is worth without all of that info....

Cabledog 04-02-2014 11:31 AM

I would wait until this recall thing with GM blows over. A friend and neighbor is the general manager at one of our local Chevy dealers. He said it has been a ghost town since all the recalls recently. Another one came out yesterday or the day before on all light trucks and full size SUV's. GM's CEO is testifing in front of congress right now as well. Anyone shopping Government Motors will be expecting deep discounts for new or used with all the bad press.

nailem 04-02-2014 2:33 PM

5 Attachment(s)
4x4 crew cab 6.5 foot bed
LineX bed liner
Truxedo bed cover
4" turbo back exhaust but I did run a through pipe muffler
265 tires on hummer 17" hummer wheels about 75% tread( I have the stock wheels with studded winters but they only have one season left in them)
electric brake control
gooseneck trailer ball ( I'm not sure what they are called but it is the type that sits flush with the bed and you pull a pin and flip the ball over)
EGR is unplugged and it does not throw a code
I bought it with 50,000 miles and changed all the fluids (both differentials, transfer case, transmission) I just changed them all again at 175,000. newer rotors, calipers are a few years old, flushed brake fluid. new brakes a month ago, new PA inspection ( in PA they go over vehicles with a fine tooth comb) it needed a wheel bearing that I had the mechanic do. oil and fuel filter was just changed.
I do have a have a Predator programmer that can go with the truck if you want. and also a plow that is solid. never plowed commercially just my driveway
I never smoke in it but i'm not sure if the pervious owner did because when I bought it the we a couple small burn marks.

tyler97217 04-02-2014 3:51 PM

They are in demand, but those miles are high. I would say list it for $17K and see what happens. I bet you get pretty close to what you want for it.

whatshesaid 04-04-2014 8:49 AM


nailem 04-04-2014 9:12 AM

OK, I might be a little slow. Is DFW Dallas Fort Worth?
I don't think I would go that low.

FastR3DN3K 04-04-2014 10:56 AM

Yeah, DFW is Dallas/Ft. Worth. But that's not really a fair market to compare too either, since that seems to be one of the cheapest places to buy any vehicle, especially trucks. I bought an 05 Z71 in Ft. Worth a couple years ago with high mileage, but in good shape, for what I thought was a smoking deal. I ended up selling it to a guy in Louisiana for $1000 more than I paid for it, and he thought it was a smoking deal compared to what they pay for trucks around his house.

And the mileage isn't that bad for a diesel, I don't start considering it high mileage until you start pushing 300K on one. Hell, my dad ran a 96 F-250 with the 7.3 for almost 600K miles and the only major repair he ever needed was a new water pump. I'd just hang on to it, especially if it's paid off and not having any electrical gremlins issues like Chevys are known for. Have you priced new vehicles lately?

I looked up your truck on NADA and I'm showing $21-22k clean retail, and about $17k trade in value. I'd probably list it for around $18,500ish, and negotiate from there if you really want to sell it.

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