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Bret 03-28-2014 3:19 PM

Fix some Cracks in a board
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So i got this board a couple of months ago and it has some really small cracks and i would like to know what it is neededto fix it and what do i probably need to do to fix these scratches. The board is a 1999 Hyperlite Evolve 144.
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smitty75 03-28-2014 7:10 PM

Probably have to fill with fiberglass/resin like you would for a surf board. Just dig out any remaining broken or rotted material and clean good with acetone or a little thinner (just a small amount ). Then get a piece of wax paper and tape it to the bottom of the board so thAt it can wrap around the edge you are repairing making a small cup/mould which will help form the resin and give a smooth surface to the resin. Now just mix up some fiberglass resin and add in some fine cut fiberglass matting. Fill in the damaged area and cover with the wax paper. Let sit over night and sand smooth in the morning. May need to repeat a couple times to get rid of any air bubbles and get a smooth surface. When sanding, just follow the original lines of the board and will come out pretty nice. Can always add a little color the resin but I wouldn't worry about it. It dries almost clear.

Another trick is to take a screw and thread it into the foam in a few spots of the damaged area. This will give you a couple threaded holes that the resin will fill in which will keep the new repair attached to the board. Just make sure you remove the screw before you fill In with resin. You just want the hole from the screw.

prospectsnow 03-29-2014 11:08 AM

I wouldn't use fiberglass resin, use epoxy. check out gflex from west marine. Fiberglass resin is easy to crack epoxy is bomber.

Any parts that are delaming clamp it together. just be sure to use something like that wax paper to keep a nonstick surface.

For a stronger bond use heat. Stick it in front of a heater or out in the sun on a warm day. It makes the epoxy sink in deeper for strength and it will cure faster.

Do remember that it will try to flow just like water would so it will try to leak anywhere possible.

check out some vids on snowboard repair and you'll get the idea.
If there is a pro that will do it for <$50 it is probably worth it if you aren't super handy.

Otherwise justin is pretty spot on.

night_hawkps3 03-29-2014 10:49 PM

when your fiberglassing make sure you mix the resin properly to much hardener it will become a brittle repare to little it will take forever to dry.

phathom 03-30-2014 12:38 PM

I had bought a wakesurf board this winter and when I got it, it had a slight bb sized chip in the nose from shipping. I mixed up some fiberglass resin and filled it in. I decided while i had the resin mixed, I would fill in any cracks and knicks in my wakeboard as well.
One thing I found out is to try to make it as smooth as possible. It seems like it cured pretty good and hard, but I have little bumps on it now where I filled in and I have to sand down now. The spots I did flat and flush are good to go.
I'll see how it holds up this season.

My damage wasn't as bad as some of what was shown, but I'd definitely say it's worth a shot. I did the fiberglass because that's how the wakesurf board was constructed and figured it would be better than nothing on the wakeboard.

hawkeye7708 03-30-2014 12:53 PM

I've done some epoxy and sanding before. Taped the area off, filled with epoxy, clamped, and sanded to finish. Held up great!

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