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andrew_moreton 03-25-2014 7:07 AM

BOB vs. BOB Grind Behind the Boat
Are there any differences between the BOB and the BOB Grind behind the boat? Thinking about the Grind version just because it would be a little more durable but wanted to know if there would be any reason to stick with the regular version to use primarily behind the boat.

ryanw209 03-25-2014 9:01 AM

The BOB grind has a softer flex pattern so it's easier to press on rails. If your going to use it on rails at all then get the grind. If you have another board for rails than get the standard

wakemitch 03-26-2014 6:47 PM

Either way, the BOB is not a great cable board. It's definitely a boat board. If you are planning to go to the park only a few times in the year, get the grind base. The grind base is much smoother on rails and last longer. If you are riding strictly boat then there is no need for the grind since it wont make it more durable for wake to wake riding, the wood core itself makes it way stronger than other boards.

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