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TigeBill25 03-23-2014 11:27 AM

Tricks for wake surfing
I have a good wave and everyone my family can surf. We are ready for someone to give us a few tips on tricking. We have tried 360 ' and grabs but need some advice. Have heard the 360 is hardest easiet trick but we are ready. Can someone provide a video or instruction for generating speed to do tricks off the lip and the proper technique for doing a 360 EVERY time. Thank I advance for the input and help!!!!

dejoeco 03-24-2014 10:15 AM

surf 3 or skim 3?

phathom 03-24-2014 12:57 PM

I'm interested in this as well. I also am going to try riding skim, coming from surf this year, but I have not managed a 360 or 180 either way, not to say I haven't tried.

drnate 03-24-2014 1:01 PM

I have found this wakesurf instructional to be quite good. The only problem is that he makes it looks so easy :)


Pad1Tai 03-24-2014 1:47 PM

I've got a Triple X surf and Phase 5 skim... If you wanna spin... you gotta go skim...

dejoeco 03-25-2014 7:45 AM

There are many ways to do this skim style along with many clues to help, but it can be frustrating to accomplish.
1. Get into a comfortable position close but not right against the wake.
2. Stick your hand in the water and look over your shoulder.
3. Keep your posture good and try to keep from bending at the waist. ( for me posture is the key element)
4. Getting the board 180 is the hardest part because momentum fo the spin will carry the board around to 360
5. Spot the back of the boat and begin to surf as soon as you can. (it took me a long to to switch gears from spinning to surfing)

Hints that people said trying to help me.
1. If you are getting down low on the board try to feel your arches. This makes you balanced more evenly on the board.
2. Standing up too tall too soon will continue the spin and make you over rotate.
3. Over rotation can be corrected by putting your hand in the water to stop the spin

tonyv420 03-25-2014 3:48 PM

All good tips ^^^^^^ thanks Dennis!

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