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brycejb328 03-13-2014 11:56 AM

Batteries - Trojan Vs. ???
My 2006 Wakesetter only has one battery now, I just feel like its risky having a single battery in a boat (especially one loaded with ballast pumps, amps, etc..).

The company I work for is a distributor of Trojan batteries, this is the only reason I am even considering a premium battery. We also have a private labeled deep cycle battery that I can get for less money. The specs for both are below, its all greek to me. In a group 27, the trojan is $23 more. Worth it, or should I save my $23 bills? How about the trojan gel or AGM?

Many of you going with a group 31? I was thinking 27 as I believe most holders will be compatible with both 24 and 27.


grant_west 03-13-2014 1:33 PM

Trojan 30HSX is a Great flooded lead acid its a group 31 with 130 Amp Hrs

Trojan T1275 is another FLA(flooded Lead Acid) battery that's about 1inc taller then the 30HSX and is a extra 20 Amp hrs More. That brings the T1275 to a 150 Amp hr battery. That would be My choice, And I would get 2 of them so the match.

What are you paying for the group 31 trojans

polarbill 03-13-2014 4:38 PM

I would get the 31's over the 27's. They have basically the same footprint but the 31s are taller. They should still fit in the same battery box though. Group 24 and 27s have the same height and width but the 27 is far longer than the 24 so those usually use 2 different boxes. I personally don't think AGM is worth it unless you want the absolute top of the line battery setup(and are going to maintain them perfectly) or need to mount sidesways. Just go with a dual purpose or deep cycle 27 or 31. Trojans are good batteries. That said looking at the link and part numbers I would bet money those privately labeled batteries are Dekas. Deka batteries are made in the USA like the Trojans and I believe to be just as good if not better. Plus they have the Dual purpose option or Deep cycle option depending on what you are doing with them. I would possibly pick the deka over the trojan if the price was the same(apples to apples). At a discount it would be a no brainer to me to pick the dekas.

By the way I am biased as my families business I used to work for is a Deka distributor.

polarbill 03-13-2014 4:42 PM

Also, if you are going with 2 of the same batteries separated by a switch you should use the dual purpose rather than a deep cycle. What does your stereo consist of and how do you use it.

Picture of the Deka DP24 or DC24. Same battery case.


brycejb328 03-13-2014 5:55 PM

The stereo is the 2 stock amps.

My last boat I did the standard "off, 1, 2, All" perko switch. Whenever we weren't riding I would just flip it over to the 2nd battery. I was going to keep the regular marine starting battery as is, unless there is a solid reason to have both exactly the same.

I believe our private label batteries are made by deka or atlas. I will verify tomorrow. Hard to compare the specs between the two batteries as the FVP batteries do not have the same specs that Trojan has.

I am really looking for the best battery to run the stereo when hanging out for the day. I dont have intentions to ever add a 3rd. What is the most important specification to consider?

grant_west 03-13-2014 7:11 PM

Brett what was ur Family's business. And does Deka make a taller Group 31 like the Trojan T-1275

polarbill 03-14-2014 6:11 AM


How old is your starting battery?


They didn't when I was still working there. I guess technically it wouldn't be a group 31 at all if it was taller. 150 AH though is pretty awesome out of a 12V battery.

WLF 03-14-2014 6:30 AM

I went with (2) Lifeline 8D's...but it is on a separate bank with 510 AH. Probably not what you are looking to do though if you are going to keep it hooked up to your alternator.

brycejb328 03-14-2014 9:01 AM

Grant - have you used the T1275? What did you put it in/secure it with? I was looking at battery boxes and it doesn't look like it will fit in a group 31 box.

03-14-2014 11:59 AM

If you're only getting a new battery and not replacing your existing battery - you should at least match the chemistry type of the battery. In other words - if you've got a flooded battery - don't mix it with an AGM or Gel. They charge differently and you'll likely shorten the life of one if you mix.

I used to have a fishing rig with several deep cycles and always used Centennial batteries (SLA). I have them in my existing boat and think they perform well.

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