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perpetualtux 03-13-2014 9:35 AM

binding advice please!
I rode the 2012 shredtown and really loved it so i just bought the 2013 slingshot kine because it seemed to be a board that works for my style. Now I need to buy some new bindings but I just can't decide! :eek: So I need some supportive bindings good for the boat but bindings that are good for cable too (by the way I'm definately a more boat heavy rider). Anyway I've been looking alot at the 2013 slingshot rad, and the 2013 byerly system. They both seem to be bindings that I would like and they're both about the same price. I really would love to know what you guys think I should get. Please try to suggest bindings under $300, also I really am not a fan of ronix bindings the lace and fit just doesnt work for me. Super curious to hear what you guys think and what you think about the 2013 slingshot rad and\or byerly system. thanks. :)

jarrod 03-13-2014 9:58 AM

I'm a huge fan of the Josh Twelker boot. They're about as comfortable as it gets. But I'll admit, I'm biased.

dezul 03-13-2014 10:47 AM

I think the Rad's or the Shredtown's should be perfect for you.

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