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Kama480 03-12-2014 3:29 PM

Newbie question!
I'm looking to buy this boat with my $6000 budget will it work for wakboarding and if so how many adults would be able to be in the boat?


Kama480 03-12-2014 3:30 PM


joeshmoe 03-12-2014 3:44 PM

Do Not buy an I/O! You can buy an older inboard boat that will perform mush better, hold its value, and have Less repair costs(You can do the maintenance yourself) Whatever you do do Not buy an I/O!

Kama480 03-12-2014 3:48 PM

I guess I should mention I'm new to boats as well...

ottog1979 03-12-2014 4:00 PM

Like these:


16igordon 03-12-2014 6:35 PM

That boat would WORK for wakeboarding, however you could get something with a MUCH better wake for 6k...like an old nautique or such. Also, like mentioned, inboards are really much better on maintenance and issues, etc... As of capacity, you could probably get 8 adults in that boat. It would be tight, but it would work. The 4.3l will be enough power for wakeboarding (our one boat has a 3.0l merc and we are pulled up easily), however the wake would not be too big or clean. You could definitely jump it though and have some fun, but you will soon be wishing you got an inboard if you want to progress.

joeshmoe 03-12-2014 6:40 PM

Kyle, those are all excellent choices but they must come with disclaimer that states the last year that air-nautique used wooden stringers in the boat. The last thing a new boat owner needs to know is that he must spend $3,000k to fix the wood stringers on a $6k boat.

Kama480 03-13-2014 4:42 PM

Thanks for the help everyone. I actually got approved for a loan so I'm going to be looking in the 20-25k range now. I'm still having issues finding used inboards for that price though!

Kama480 03-13-2014 4:53 PM

Also please keep in mind i need an open bow that seats 8+

Kama480 03-13-2014 4:59 PM


what about this?

TomH 03-14-2014 8:09 AM

At that price range, you should be able looking for a v-drive if wakeboarding's your goal. Better for boarding, better for seating, and better for storage. Go to onlyinboards.com and punch in your price range and V-drive and you'll find quite a few boats that could fit your needs and price.

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