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captain_vilfo 03-12-2014 9:40 AM

13 Ar-1 vs 14 Ar-1
I've been looking at pics and it looks like they have switched up the shape etc.

Are there significant differences between the 13 and 14 that would deter me from buying the older (and significantly cheaper) edition?

bschall 03-12-2014 4:21 PM

Im 97% sure that the AR1 is the same shape for 2014. A major change is that they added a tracking system instead of standard inserts. They also added stringers making the board stronger (and also heavier).

I am riding the 2013 AR1 now and am thinking of switching to the BP for the season.

We have the 2013 and 2014 AR1's in stock at the shop. Give me a call at 9168515808 and ill hook you up!


xclay89x 04-06-2014 4:17 PM

Sorry to thread jack. Does anyone have any solid reviews on the AR 1? I have been searching everywhere and cannot find any good opinions about the board. I am very interested in picking one up this year, but hesitant since I do not have the ability to demo one. I will be coming off of the Watson Classic. I like the pop of the Watson, but looking for something with a little more speed into the wake without losing any pop. Any opinions would be rad.

Wakeska89 04-06-2014 8:01 PM

13 Ar-1 vs 14 Ar-1
I normally ride a Watson Classic but I had a chance to take a set on an AR1 last summer. It has more pop and is faster than the classic but it has a little bit later of a release off the wake and it's a bit heavier. It seemed skatier when flat compared to the classic but held an edge nicely. The landings were super soft too and put a smile on my face every time I went into the flats. I felt consistent on both boards. I still ride the classic because I like how light it is and it's release off the wake, but the AR1 is an awesome board. It would be a great choice. Especially if you want to ride some cable too. Those are my thoughts at least

xclay89x 04-07-2014 7:30 AM

Thank you! That was the review I was looking for. 👍

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