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Mazdarx 03-11-2014 12:08 PM

What would you pay for this Nautique?
What would you pay for this boat? I've been looking to get myself a real tow boat for some time now, ideally either a Supra Sunsport or Nautique 2001. This one has been for sale for about 6 months now I think which makes me think he might be high on his price, but I'm curious as to what the experts think a boat like this would be worth?


boardman74 03-11-2014 12:12 PM

If the condition is good i would say he's not far off, but a little high. I'd say it would be a solid deal at $6500-7K.

FastR3DN3K 03-11-2014 12:56 PM

For $8500 the stereo system had better be included and seriously nice, not just "available". But I agree with RB, since the work is all pretty much done and the boat is ready to ride, $7000 would be a pretty fair price if it's all in good condition. I'd offer the guy a max of $7500 and ask for the tower speakers to be included, otherwise it's not really worth it.

Greeko 03-11-2014 2:13 PM

Looks like its well taken care of. I would go for 7 as a fair deal. He just posted it up and probably won't be as flexible ...

cadunkle 03-12-2014 6:51 AM

Two things to consider. First it already has PP and a tower, so that's at least $2k you don't have to spend + your time if it's done nicely and you like the tower. If you don't like the tower then that is a negative. Stereo and everything should be included.

Other thing to consider is he doesn't mention anything about stringers, so it's likely never been done. Price is highly dependant on stringer condition. If stringers are at all soft they'll need to be done and that's a $2k-$2500 boat given that it has tower, PP, and appears clean with good interior. If stringers and floor are solid then $7500-$8500 is top dollar range IMO. At that price you're able to get into a larger open bow like many of the 80s or 90s Supras or a little more for a Sport Nautique so that kind of puts a price ceiling on even really nice restored SN2001s.

iShredSAN 03-12-2014 7:17 AM

"Look no further This boat throws a bigger wake than 90% of todays 80,000$ boats"

Easy there big fella... lol

nautiboy614 03-12-2014 7:52 AM

the nice thing is....the boat is still going to be worth what you pay for it for a few years, not much depreciation on boats like that.

polarbill 03-12-2014 8:39 AM

That boat has been for sale for a long time. I think it may have even been an old time wakeworlder's boat from Lake Sammamish. I think it is priced about right if the engine/transmission check out good and so do the stingers.

rexlex01 03-12-2014 12:55 PM

Get those stringers checked out or ..




joshugan 03-12-2014 2:33 PM

I cannot emphasize enough about how important it is to have the stringers replaced. In case you don't know, stringers are basically the skeleton of the boat that keeps the hull rigid. In older boats, the stringers were made out of wood and wood rots. All SN 2001s had wood stringers. If he didn't list it then I'd be surprised if he has replaced them because it is such an expensive/ major undertaking.

I owned an 88 SN 2001 for a long time (bought it from my Dad who was the original owner.) I live in Arizona which is a very dry state. After approximately 1600 hours of use (over 1000 hours with two fatsacks), a huge section of the gel coat actually dropped off the bottom of the boat because the stringers were rotting (I knew the floor was soft in one spot and would have to be replaced eventually. My friend bought the boat from me and proceeded to replace the stringers, floor, and redo the gel coat. My friend has worked on cars his whole life and is really good at that type of stuff. It still took him a long time in research and the actual build. When I had quoted prices before he bought it from me, I was quoted around $3,000. So be prepared for major work or major money.

Given that this boat is in a humid state and has been heavily used, I imagine that the stringers need to be replaced now, otherwise you're playing with fire. Don't think that you can just replace one section of the floor if it is soft. My friend thought he'd just have to do a section but instead had to redo the entire floor.

I've looked at some SN 2001s on behalf of other people here in AZ and all of them have had soft spots in the floor.

All that said, the SN 2001 throws such a great wake and is a fantastic boat. Good luck in your search!

bftskir 03-13-2014 9:22 AM

An older Sanger inboard would be good to look for and they don't usually rot.

Dmac420sj 03-13-2014 11:13 AM

^^yip yip go get your self a dxll. Never ride a 2001 but dxll is pretty good.

Dmac420sj 03-13-2014 11:14 AM

And cheap

polarbill 03-13-2014 11:19 AM

There is actually a nice looking DXII for sale up here in the Seattle area. Tower is a little funky but it looks mint int he pictures.

I couldn't find it so maybe it got sold. Keep an eye on seattle craigslist. I did find this though if you can swing some extra. These throw a great wake and are solid.

Mazdarx 03-19-2014 10:53 AM

I really don't want to deal with the stringer issue, especially not if the guy wants top dollar for the boat. I do like the hydrodyne that's a nice looking boat for sure, but it is outside of my price range at the moment. I don't know much about the Sanger boats, I don't think I've seen many of those for sale before.

Mazdarx 03-27-2014 11:42 AM

Maybe I'd be better off to try and stretch my budget to something like this boat?


TomH 03-27-2014 12:01 PM

That nautique looks pretty beat. I always get concerned about what you can't see when it's been neglected like that.

This would be a decent option for you http://spokane.craigslist.org/boa/4374003828.html

Someone else will know when the Supras got rid of wood - I don't know off-hand. That tower is solid though - have the same one on my boat.

If you're willing to do a little travel, you'll find a lot more options. Also, the number of ads should really start picking up soon too.

FastR3DN3K 03-27-2014 12:06 PM


Originally Posted by polarbill (Post 1868200)
There is actually a nice looking DXII for sale up here in the Seattle area. Tower is a little funky but it looks mint int he pictures.

I couldn't find it so maybe it got sold. Keep an eye on seattle craigslist. I did find this though if you can swing some extra. These throw a great wake and are solid.

Wow...It looks like he robbed the local playground of it's monkey bars to build that tower....

phathom 03-27-2014 12:09 PM

I would take that 98 Sport Nautique for $10k. Sure it has some blemishes, but fixing some gel coat and having some seats reupholstered isn't bad.
It is an open bow, which is nice, and it's fuel injected, so a little more reliable, better fuel efficiency, and it won't give you any issues being listed while surfing. It has a ski locker in back, which a lot of SN2001s don't have, but the Sunsports do.

If I were in the market for one atm, I would definitely be looking at that boat considering it is in my relative area.

FastR3DN3K 03-27-2014 12:12 PM


Originally Posted by Mazdarx (Post 1870413)
Maybe I'd be better off to try and stretch my budget to something like this boat?


Man that boat looks like hammered dog ****. It has been heavily abused and neglected, and I wouldn't touch that thing for anywhere close to $10K. You'd probably be close to double that once you got it back to where it needs to be with all that interior work, fiberglass and gel coat work, adding a tower, stereo, etc., etc., etc. Unless he was practically giving that one away, I'd say it's next stop will be on the bottom of a lake somewhere being used as a new fish habitat...

Now that Supra looks to be in pretty decent shape and might be worth taking a look at, although that tower is pretty horrible. But for the right price who cares?

tripsw 03-27-2014 3:38 PM

I'm not sure that's actually a '98. Windshield looks like a '90 or so. And those still had wood floor/stringers.

phathom 03-27-2014 4:24 PM

I must have missed the link to the Supra there. I would definitely take that over the Nautique hands down.

Also 92 was the first year for all fiberglass, including the stringers. There is no wood in the one posted. The wrap around windshield was also new around this time, much better looking than the old school flat ones.

polarbill 03-27-2014 6:49 PM

Wow, definitely look at that 92 sunsport. I think some 92's had fiberglass and some had wood. The round windshield is the dead giveaway I believe that it is fiberglass. Great hull, can throw a bunch of weight at it, fiberglass stringers and floor, good colors, etc...

polarbill 03-27-2014 6:50 PM

By the way, there is no way I would touch that air/sport nautique. That thing has been ridden harder than Debbie from Dallas. Probably put away wet too.

boardjnky4 03-28-2014 6:24 AM

Check out this Sunsetter, don't know if it has a tower, but it looks well maintained.


Mazdarx 03-28-2014 10:59 AM

So if that sport nautique isn't worth what he wants what would be a fair price for it? If I was to go with that one I'd probably look at just doing a vinyl wrap on it, although admittedly I'm not sure how much that might cost to do. I do like the looks of that Supra, I don't mind the tower on it actually. This boat looks good but I don't really know anything about this brand and it has no tower


Or this mastercraft, it needs work but the price is good on this one


Mazdarx 03-28-2014 11:10 AM

Or this Mastercraft, it needs interior but the price is good


Mazdarx 04-08-2014 11:31 AM

So the guy has come way down on the price for this sport Nautique, still not worth it?


phathom 04-08-2014 12:59 PM

As I said before, I think it's a decent price and worth the money (7k atm) if you plan on doing a lot of the work yourself. Mechanically it seems good, but definitely has some cosmetic issues to address.

That Calarbria looks legit. I've always liked them with their wide beams. Did you ever check on that Supra?

polarbill 04-08-2014 2:44 PM

keep in mind that the calabria direct drives are not wide. They are also only a 19' boat I believe. Calabria did some weird crap adding the platform into the length. They are pretty roomy for the size as the windshield is pushed forward. THey also have a hgue trunk because the gas tank is under the walkway. That said still a small boat and horribly prone to taking water over the bow. I had a cal air direct drive which is basically the same boat as the calabria linked. It was an overall nice boat. I ended up selling because of how low the bow was and because I almost sank it.

The nautique is cheap but I just couldn't pay a dime for that mess. The thing is an absolute POS in the pictures. If it looks that bad in pictures it is even worse in person. That boat in perfect shape is probably only worth 15k or so. I also just noticed that isnt' the right windshield. the original windshield must of been damaged and they slapped something on. I would be way too worried the engine and/or tranny would take a crap the second I passed the check over. For 7K you can get a nice direct drive closed bow. The open bow and good wake hull wouldn't be worth the risk to me. And seriously, the guy says it is beautiful. I would guess that guy is a meth addicted shady mcshaderson.

phathom 04-08-2014 4:29 PM

The Calabria looks wide compared to your typical direct drive, at least in the interior. It has the extra space along the gunnels beneath the regular interior panels for some storage. That's what I was referring to. On a lot of direct drives, not all, but a lot, they are just flat and don't have that space. I know the V-Drive ones were wide, I know these aren't nearly that wide, but they do have the space down there which can make a difference when you have that extra leg room that isn't taken up by sacks.

Still, being a 20' or as you said, 19' plus the platform, that is kind of on the small side, like sn2000 small, but with an open bow. Definitely would want to be careful in the chop with that.

polarbill 04-08-2014 5:36 PM

You certainly are correct there. I really like the gunnels/interior sides like how the calabria is setup. It does give it some more room. That is actually a similar reason to why my father always liked the early/mid 80's mastercrafts as compared to the late 80's prostar 190's. the early ones had more floor space and just better usage of the space all around.

There are some great features on the Calabria and if the quality is similar to what it was in 2003(the one I had) than it is going to hard to beat that price for an open bow boat. A couple of the features I really liked where the huge rear storage trunk, the interior space(behind the windshield) and the rear seat. Like I mentioned previously the rear trunk is huge for a boat in that era. I wouldn't be surprised if you could fit a 750+ sack in there. This is nice because you have the option of fitting a lot of stuff or you could use it for plumbed ballast. The space overall is very good for a boat it's size. The rear seat is really cool. You can actually lift it up and it sits on the arm rests so you have basically one huge sunpad across the back like a vdrive.

If I was the OP and considering the calabria I would seriously considering adding a really nice snap on bow cover so that when you don't need the room up in the bow you can treat it like a closed bow. This not only will keep the boat dryer but also allow for placing items that need to stay somewhat dry. The truth of the matter is there is next to no storage outside of the rear trunk.

I do like that the calabria has a nice tandem trailer.

FastR3DN3K 04-08-2014 8:10 PM


Originally Posted by polarbill (Post 1872039)
And seriously, the guy says it is beautiful. I would guess that guy is a meth addicted shady mcshaderson.

LOL, best quote in the thread. I completely agree. Like I said before, I wouldn't touch it at $10k, and I still wouldn't touch it at $7k. It's got way too many problems and still looks like hammered dog ****. That boat just screams "money pit"....well, way worse than a normal boat is anyways....

illini88 04-09-2014 5:28 AM

If he's asking $7k, you could get it a little lower than that. Get some quotes on what a new interior will cost you. And, maybe run a compression check on the engine. At $6-7k, I wouldn't rule out that sport.

Mazdarx 04-09-2014 12:11 PM

Well I know that sport nautique was for sale last year in the fall too, so he's had it a while. I'd be at maybe 5-6K on it I think, more than that and not worth it. The Supra in Spokane is gone.

TomH 04-09-2014 2:40 PM

This looks like a nice one for the price - just need to take a little drive: https://sacramento.craigslist.org/boa/4403137265.html

Or for a little bit more, you could pretty easily find yourself in an older Sanger V210.

I'd keep an eye out for Hydrodyne Grand Sports as well like Brett posted above. Open bow, good engines, built like a tank, nice wakes for both wake and ski, and have a lot of free-board like the Sunsports - so can take some weight. They lack on storage though, and generally have quite the 90's look to them. I've seen a lot of them for 10k and under in nice shape.

polarbill 04-10-2014 6:58 PM

Saw this boat today. This is the same or similar hull to open bow grandsport. It has a tower, semi auto ballast it sounds like and most importantly the GT40 PCM motor.


jhartt3 04-10-2014 11:53 PM

Yeah hydrodynes!!! Just sold mine with open bow pp tower new speakers for 10500 in Feb. Great boat solid wake with a full tank and some extra weight.

cedarcreek216V 04-11-2014 6:43 PM

Take a look at the classifieds on Planet Nautique. There is a gorgeous 2004 210 for sale for $27,900. It's in GA but as stated above, drive for the right deal.

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