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turbojedi 03-09-2014 9:30 PM

Liquid force Board Question
I was ridding the LF Lyman but as we all know he is on Sling Shot , what LF board now days cuts and pops like the LF Lyman . Was looking at the new Clifford seems close on paper but the water could be 100% different.. thanks fellow riders

awakewilson 03-10-2014 6:59 AM

If you want a board with more pop behind the boat, try the Clifford, Harley, or soven. The other boards like the Watson don't quite have that much pop but they do deliver a smoother take off and landing. I have not ridden on the Lyman so can't really tell you what is the most similar to it.

wakedaveup 03-10-2014 7:13 AM

I rode the Lyman for about 2 years and rode the Harley yesterday for the first time and I can tell you they are completely different. The old Lyman was a hybrid rocker and I believe the Harley is an agressive 3 stage. The harley had more abrupt pop at the wake while I remember the Lyman being more consistent and smoother on take offs and landings. I loved the speed of the Harley for a 3 stage though, I was really impressed. Hope that helps

bschall 03-10-2014 11:46 AM

LF needs to bring back the Lyman shape that board was awesome.. The Classic (Watson Classic) is a great board that often gets over looked. It is fast, tracks well, and pops great. It is lighter than the Harley and imo has (and has had) a better graphic.

wakedaveup 03-10-2014 11:48 AM

^^ I agree I loved that board (Lyman) atleast bring back the shape and call it whatever you want haha

turbojedi 03-10-2014 2:09 PM

I have been holding out for that to happen, but seems its a pipe dream at this point. On my last Lyman out of 5, 3 I broke one I used at the cable parks so looking for the next best thing, as I fear my last one is about done too

ryanw209 03-11-2014 10:56 AM

Liquid force Board Question
The Harley is going to be pretty fast, ride high in the water and have good pop at the wake. The Watson classic will be on the slower side but have great pop on the wake and feel a little bit looser.

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turbojedi 03-11-2014 7:58 PM

I like a fast board so I think I am going to try the Harley, if I dislike it I will have my Lyman as a back up.. Thanks guys

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