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LeCo 02-28-2014 7:14 PM

Looking for a Boat in Chattanooga, TN
Hey I'm looking for a boat (again) just looking for suggestions and seeing what the market looks like. I was looking for a boat 2 years ago but ended moving instead. Got money saved up and wanted opinions on what you would get for around 20k. I would prefer getting a V-drive and see SAN and Tige around 99-04 run around that price. Never been pulled by either but hear good things. I used to ride behind a X-Star 11 and always liked it but like Malibu seem to cost a little bit more. Is the extra money worth? Also if anyone sees or knows of any good deals in the area let me know. I'm going to call about a few boats tomorrow and get an idea of what I can get them for. I'll post the links below let me know what you guys think about them. Thanks in advance and hopefully I'll be a boat owner soon and back in the WakeWorld community.

shawn_scott 03-01-2014 7:07 PM

Marine outfitters in Charleston has a few I think. I know there is a Malibu in Chatt. Check Onlyinboards it is a great site.

LeCo 03-02-2014 12:05 PM

Yeah, I've been checking onlyinboards as well but they just don't currently have many options for my area right now but I'm sure more and more will start to show up closer to season.

boardman74 03-02-2014 12:23 PM

You might have to expand your search area. You only have to make the trip once. Not like buying new, where you'd have to take it back there for service and warranty.

chattwake 03-03-2014 8:17 AM

It's a good idea to call around to Joyce at Marine Outfitters (423 336 1088) in Charleston, TN, to Stacy at Cleveland Boat Center in Cleveland, TN, to Ryan Jones at American Boat Center in Knoxville, and to Scott Manning at Marine Max in Chattanooga and let them know what you are looking for and how much you want to spend. People are always trading boats in, and dealers like to flip those trades quickly. I know that the Knoxville Boatshow is next weekend. Ryan may be able to get you some tickets if you call him. There will be a bunch of dealers there from the East Tennessee area. Even though you are not in the market for something new, again, it is good to meet dealers and give them your info so they can call you when they take in a good trade.

chattwake 03-03-2014 8:18 AM

Great Wakes is another dealer in Lenoir City. The manager, Brett, may be able to help you find something.

501s 03-03-2014 9:10 AM

Of those boats you listed the only one I'd stay away from is the Tige. The rest look pretty decent.

LeCo 03-03-2014 6:15 PM

boardman74 - I have been searching with a <500 mile radius. I have good friend who mechanically inclined and great at negotiating who supports my decision to buy a boat and he has been e-mailing sellers with the appropriate questions.
chattwake - I'll start making those calls tomorrow. Thanks for the idea and all the information.
501s - I'm glad some one addressed the Tige because it's the brand that I know the least about. Any reason why you suggest against it? I used to ride behind a 2009 X-Star so it's the brand I'm most familiar with and always enjoyed the wake. It's been awhile since I've really wakeboarded consistently so any wake will take some getting used to and hopefully growing to love.

LeCo 03-18-2014 9:13 AM

4 Attachment(s)
Well I bought a 2002 Wakesetter VLX. Here a few pictures. What do you guys think? Any advice from anyone who is familiar? Thanks for the help choosing.

03-18-2014 5:20 PM

Nice boat.

shawn_scott 03-18-2014 6:25 PM

Great looking boat you will love it. I had one a few years ago. You will love dealing with Marine Outfitters in Charleston. They might have a few parts laying around that would work on that boat. If you bought it around Chattanooga it may have come from there. If you need any help give me a shout I live in Cleveland.

downfortheride 03-18-2014 6:36 PM

Nice looking ride!

LeCo 03-19-2014 9:03 AM

Thanks everybody. I'm pretty excited for the summer to get here. Thanks for the advice shawn. I definitely like to fix problems on my own unless it's over my head. I have a few mechanically inclined friends who are always there to assist. Almost everything is working on the boat. I just ordered a blower that was either blown or just needs to be cleaned out. I need to just do a few tune ups, oil change, clean/replace spark plugs, etc. The previous owner didn't winterize it this year because he only got the boat out a few times last year and the boat set in an attached garage. The motor seems like it has been taken care of very well and the interior is in great shape. The boat cranked up first try (cold start) and sounded awesome. I brought one of my aforementioned friends to take a look at it with me. He is very anal about doing any work "the right way" so I felt pretty good when he was impressed with the condition of the motor and any additional work that was done to the boat. Now I just need Chattanooga to warm up a little or I need to suit up.

230Nick 03-19-2014 3:54 PM

Where do you ride at in Chattanooga? I'm wanting to tow down to chatt some time this summer, I normally ride on the hiwassee river on north side of Cleveland.

LeCo 03-19-2014 5:47 PM

I used to ride near the ski club in Birchwood but I'm probably going to spend some time up river near the Suck Creek boat ramp near the river gorges.

chattwake 03-19-2014 7:23 PM

Pm me sometime. I'm up on signal. I moved from Soddy in the fall. If you need the hookup on gear, wet sounds, ballast, etc., call me. I've got a great relationship with most of the local dealers, and should be able to get you some nice discounts. Love the boat man.

LeCo 03-21-2014 7:23 AM

Thanks. I'll keep that in mind. The boat itself has about everything I need. Will probably mess with the ballast some but I will need gear. Any discounts would be greatly appreciated since I practically emptied the funds out for this purchase. Where do you usually ride now that you are on Signal? I'm just minutes from the foot of signal.

LeCo 03-25-2014 5:19 AM

Hey does anyone have a good url where I can read up on the ballast system (MLS)? The previous owner gave me extra ballast bags and hoses which were not hooked up (I believe he cleaned them up last). I believe I have all the equipment but I would like to read up on it before I started plumbing everything together.

jhartt3 03-25-2014 5:27 AM

For gear check out EVO.com. their outlet is a great source. signup to receive their emails. They run discount codes weekly. Also check out dealadaywake.com
its a great site that has one deal each day so you have to check daily but i picked up a LF surfboard quad on there for 250 shipped brandnew. Also head over the Themalibucrew.com and become a member. There are a lot of people with a lot of knowledge over there. i just stepped up from my DD to a Malibu VLX as well. cant wait to pull it out this weekend.

2LakeWake 03-25-2014 6:38 AM


Originally Posted by LeCo (Post 1868952)
Well I bought a 2002 Wakesetter VLX. Here a few pictures. What do you guys think? Any advice from anyone who is familiar? Thanks for the help choosing.

May want to try themalibucrew.com to see if any of the guys over there recognize it......pretty active board over there.

chattwake 03-25-2014 7:20 AM

Call Joyce at Marine Outfitters 423 336 1088 and tell her you know Tom from Chattanooga from the forums. She'll know who I am. Tell her what you're looking for in terms of gear and ballast and she should take care of you. Alternatively, call my friend Ryan Jones at American Boat Center in Knoxville, and tell him I referred you over. He's got a bunch of great gear that he offers good discounts on. What, specifically, are you looking for?

LeCo 03-25-2014 11:04 AM

It will be awhile before I add on. I want to get to used to the wake it can produce now and then decide what to add on if I need to at all. The seller threw in extra bags and was just wondering if they could piggy back off the existing pumps and hard tanks. I think I found the info I needed in the following link.

shawn_scott 03-25-2014 4:37 PM

You might have to put the bags in. I think the 2002 had the tanks on the side in the back. It has been a while but I think that was the years. I know that when I had mine I took the tanks out and put bags in so I could get more weight in the boat. Check and see if there is a tank under the floor. If the hose comes up from the pump and goes to the side of the boat. Put the bags in because it makes a great wake with them. You will need to add some weight to the front to clean it up.

LeCo 03-25-2014 5:27 PM

I looked at it a little bit today after doing some research. It does have the two hard tanks on the sides of the rear compartments and one in the center. Whoever had it before me split the plumbing coming off the pumps in the rear. I didn't look into the ski locker (boat is a little clutter mixed cold weather and other stuff to do). He included 4 bags which i believe 2 piggy back off the 2 rear pumps, 1 goes in the ski locker and maybe one up front. I don't think all the pumps are currently working. It there a good way to test the pumps while it's on the trailer? A water hose is not accessible but could be if it made this task easier.

bwake 03-26-2014 2:38 AM

What did you pay for it. Looks like a nice boat

LeCo 03-26-2014 5:07 AM

I paid 22k for it which I felt was pretty reasonable since wakeboarding season is jusy around the corner. If it would have been Fall I could have gotten it closer to 20 but I'm happy with that price. Plus it was in town so no towing it back saved me time and money. It runs great and it came with some extras (great sound system, ballast bags and pumps, life jackets, rope, handle, etc.)

chattwake 03-26-2014 5:30 AM

Great deal IMO.

LeCo 03-26-2014 9:17 AM

Thanks. I've only gotten the boat out twice but I think it was a great deal as well.

LeCo 03-27-2014 11:58 AM

I’m going to be taking my boat out this weekend to test the ballast pumps. Not all of them are working. I believe they are all getting power so I think the pump itself is at fault. Is it easier to take them apart and clean them up or should I just order new ones. I know they only run $25-$35 but if a few of them are broken it would be to have a “quick” fix option. Thanks

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