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Meyeronfire 02-15-2014 3:59 AM

Wetsounds opinion SW65 or XS65?
Does anyone have any experience with the XS65, XS650, SW65, or the SW650? Im leaning more towards the SW65 or 650 Need some advice guys! They will be powered by a syn 6 1000w amp along with two REV 8. Syn 2 to power the JL marine sub. Equipment will be going in a 03 Supra SSV Launch. I also would like some advice on a head unit as well.

Thanks, Matt

boardman74 02-15-2014 5:16 AM

The SW is just salt water series. Do you need that? The XS65/SW65 are the same speaker with same power. Then XS650/ SW650 same speaker. But there is a pretty big power difference with power, the 65's only handle 60/120 where the 650's can take 100/200.

ReSession 02-15-2014 8:22 AM

I've got 6 SW65's in my Supreme V226 and they are plenty loud and running off a small 4-channel Arc Audio amp. Unless you want to spend more on the speakers and go with a larger amp, you should be fine with the SW65's

surffresh 02-15-2014 8:34 AM

Greg, did you have to put spacer rings on your 226? I did on my 2010 226 when I put some blue matching infinity's in, damn thing came with some cheap pancake sony's back then

Meyeronfire 02-15-2014 3:43 PM

Thanks guys for the replies! Any suggestion on a head unit?

chpthril 02-15-2014 4:03 PM

Out of curiosity, what JL marine sub will you be driving with the Syn-2. How many in-boats and how are you looking to configure the in-boats and Rev-8's on the Syn-6?

xstarrider 02-17-2014 7:44 AM

I would think you'd be better off running the Rev 8's off the Syn 2 and running the sub and inboats off the Syn 6 in most scenarios. I am guessing the JL sub is a factory FA one.

As to the speakers. If price doesn't matter 650's all the way. They really love power and sound amazing. But if you already have the Syn 6 it isn't going to give you the max power for the 650's and in my opinion you would be served better by getting the 65's . It's all about powering things correctly not just buying the best. I think the 65's would sound better on the Syn 6 because you're in their optimal power range whereas you won't gain what the 650's offer by only powering them with the 60 watts from the Syn 6. Be a waste of $$ without upping your amp

chpthril 02-17-2014 9:09 AM

Having had the opportunity to listen to the original xs-65 side by side with the XS650 with the same wattage and tuning and now the new 65i revision again, next to the xs-650 with the same wattage and tune, I fell you dont have to power them powered to their potential, in order to take advantage of the difference in output.

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