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grant_west 02-14-2014 7:50 AM

1st Grade Teacher brings "Pot" laced food to "Pot"luck
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Teresa Badger
Paul Chambers and KTVU.com

BENICIA, Calif. —

A Benicia school teacher was arrested Friday for allegedly serving cannabis-laced food to co-workers at an employee pot-luck.

Officials say Teresa Gilmete Badger, who teaches at Matthew Turner Elementary School, brought the laced-dish to a potluck at a residence off school-property on Nov. 21 of last year.

According to a press release several guests at the employee event reported feeling sick and that they felt as if they were under the influence of an unknown substance. One guest was rushed to the hospital the evening of the potluck for medical treatment. The following day another guest was taken to the hospital, complaining of chest pain and other symptoms. Blood work revealed the victim had THC present.

Benicia Police alerted the school district of the incident, and it was eventually determined that Badger was responsible for bringing the dish to the party.

One guest had taken some of the food home which was eaten by a juvenile family member. That juvenile experienced some symptoms the others did not.

Police say they were told that Badger had allegedly confessed bringing the food laced with drugs to some of the people at the party.

Some parents spoke to KTVU Friday and said Badger is a great person and before this recent incident had wanted her to teach their child.

The school’s principal, Leslie Beatson, sent a letter to parents Friday morning reading:

"I am writing you to let you know that Mrs. Badger is out on leave. The length of the leave is not known at this time.”

Badger was booked into Solano County Jail, where her bail was set at $15,000. By Saturday, she had been released from jail, according to representatives from the Solano County Sheriff's department.

wakereviews 02-14-2014 8:32 AM

damn, people are not smart.

phathom 02-27-2014 1:07 AM

Only a stoner would think this was a good idea.

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