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VillonClothing 02-12-2014 7:59 PM

Cable or boat....doesn't matter!
Villon Clothing is looking to sponsor one of you. Do you have a clothing sponsor? No? Send some photos and/or video to villonclothingwake@yahoo.com and lets see what you got! What is the worst that can happen? We say no...or maybe you will get some free gear or stickers. Who wouldn't want that? We are looking forward to seeing all of the submissions. Shred on.

ToddWake 02-12-2014 9:15 PM

Will you buy out my current apparel contract with Fox? I can't figure out what they are saying....

mark197 02-13-2014 1:17 PM

Awesome for someone up and coming. Thanks! One piece of advice is take the pictures of the wake pants out it was in http://www.wakeboardingmag.com/featu...ent/wakepants/ as one of the 20 worst ideas in the history.


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