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da_moose 02-11-2014 4:21 PM

10 Years on W W today

spencerwm 02-11-2014 4:35 PM

Has the WW experience changed for you? It is crazy to see the people come and go over the years.

I was just thinking about old threads. We would determine the best tower company back in the day when no one had towers. Was it Monster, Titan, Skylon, Boss, ProFlight, New Dimension, Fluid Concepts, Extreme, or some other random company.

Who makes the best tower speaker? I did love the Skylon Deafcon V's, Fusion T-Series Combos, and the NVS Entity 1010's.

Congrats on your milestone.

seattle 02-11-2014 4:52 PM

Bah... rookie.

How time flies. Next year will be fifteen for me.:rolleyes:

hatepain 02-11-2014 6:48 PM

Its a better place because of ya Moose.

I feel like an old timer around here and I've only been here since 06. Now we've got a bunch of young links running around half witted acting like they run the joint. Dave needs to start a new tag designation after 7 years of O.W.W.

colorider 02-11-2014 10:27 PM

14 for me. Have some great friends that I met on here.

Jmorlan 02-11-2014 10:42 PM

Im going on season 2 on wakeworld. Im on quite a few forums, and WW is my favorite.
But if it wasnt for wakeworld, id probably have about 30k more in the bank right now! haha.

This site is great, and theres quite a few locals close to the sacramento area. I look forward to meeting some great folks on the river this year.

I bought my first jet skis at 18, and my first boat at 21 and ill say boating is a great passion of mine, that myself and my girlfriend really enjoy, and we are fortunate at our young age to be able to enjoy this pastime at our age. Im 24, shes 23. Our boat(s) are our favorite thing we have bought in our days, and I can already tell there are many years to come that we will own one.

Thanks to wakeworld we cross off the days on our calendar, and our winter projects keep us engaged with the boat year round. This place is a bad habit!

wakereviews 02-12-2014 6:25 AM

Congrats Moose! I think i'm just over 7 years myself. Long Live Da Moose!

clubjoe 02-12-2014 7:18 AM

8 years +.....I may not post regularly but I'm always on....

Lots of quality people and a great knowledge base to draw from. Some of you guys have cost me a lot of money and time. Thanks!

Congrats, Moose

wakeworld 02-12-2014 3:27 PM

Since 1998! :)

da_moose 02-12-2014 6:18 PM

Yes Since 98 ,,, by now you heard of Moose Wakeboards,,, But never seen one in Gear???

tonyv420 02-12-2014 9:03 PM

Almost 7 years! I've met a lot of awesome people on here, and some I regularly ride with! friends for life! Way to go Moose!!

cwb4me 02-13-2014 3:56 AM

Approaching 4 years and i've learned a lot . Still enjoy WW though.

markj 02-16-2014 11:13 AM

Almost nine years for me and still my favorite forum.

gnarslayer 02-17-2014 12:00 AM

almost 6 for me! congrats dude

buffalow 02-17-2014 5:31 PM

I am with Dave - Was here since before it really was Wakeworld. Straight old skooler here

eubanks01 02-18-2014 6:27 AM


14 years for me.

da_moose 02-20-2014 5:58 PM

Can you even think how WW would be with out me ????

stephan 02-25-2014 4:50 PM


Originally Posted by buffalow (Post 1865194)
I am with Dave - Was here since before it really was Wakeworld. Straight old skooler here

Ahh the good old days. I remember firing up AOL back in '97 and trying to find wakeboard stuff online. Stoke City was from Canada and awesome. I wish I knew when I first showed up here, had to be around '99 or '00.

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