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malibumatt 02-07-2014 5:58 PM

Tower - Tower Bar
Has anyone seen a bar that goes from tower to tower to keep boats separated when tying up. Thanks.

brichter14 02-07-2014 8:16 PM


Boonejeepin 02-07-2014 8:20 PM

In know what you are talking about. I have seen it on a website but can't remember who sells them. I think it was about $400.

Boonejeepin 02-07-2014 8:22 PM

Just remembered.


brichter14 02-07-2014 9:02 PM

Thats a pretty nifty idea. But 400 bucks!

cowwboy 02-08-2014 12:31 PM

If it was around 100 a pair I would prob get them.

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phathom 02-09-2014 2:11 PM

Is anyone else thinking what I'm thinking?
Buy a pair of long truck shocks and weld on a pair of tower clamps and add a velcro strap? You could probably (even with out sourcing the labor) get away with making your own for under $200 easy. Possibly under $100 if you looked hard enough for the parts.
It seems like they are trying to double their investment per pair for making them.

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