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rexlex01 02-07-2014 11:37 AM

USED Malibu vs Tige vs CC, etc. lake test.
Its easy to go and test out new boats but where can a blue collar who works just as hard as the 100K boat owners go to TEST all used 2000-2005 $20-$29k boats above at the same place in this country.
Go test drive them is good advice but usually involves newer boats and The forums are no substitute for lake test.
This poor sap is looking for his first V-drive in the middle of no-where and will be wakeboading and surfing. as many have owner goggles and can be naturally biased.
Have a '97 sport nauti, DD but man is the wake ever touchy if the boat leans or turns a little. Are the SANS this touchy? Cant get WtoW so thinking maybe a different hull might help thats not so steep and has more gradual ramp or will I out grow it and wish I had a steeper wake when the tricks start coming? Wouldn't mind something with a deeper interior as our knees are practically up to our chest when sitting in the '97
Who is the biggest used boat dealer in the country with various older brands to test?
thanks ahead

beleza 02-07-2014 11:47 AM

It might be hard to find one place that has every single boat from 2000-2005 that you are interested in. Any boat dealer or private party seller should take you for a lake test though. Maybe research some boats that might interest you in your years and price range and start your search from there.

As for the nautique being touchy side to side, well that's certainly true. I have a 2000 SAN and it can certainly be touchy as well. I just have to make sure people aren't shifting all over the boat while people are riding. Once you get it dialed in and everyone on board knows what they are doing, the wake is heavenly IMO.

azeus17 02-07-2014 11:50 AM

I had a 89 sport nautique for a long time before trading up to a 02 Super Air. If you can't go wake to wake on a sport, it probably is not the boats fault. And yes, the wake is still touchy in the 02. Have to move wieght around in the boat to get it to clean up. You might find a dealership that has taken in all the brands you are looking at on trade, but why bother? You could probably look at each individually and drive fewer miles than locating one dealership that has them all and driving to it.

boardman74 02-07-2014 11:55 AM

There really isn't an "Carmax" of boats. Larger dealers may have more used than smaller ones. But for the most part dealers have the same brand they sell new as used on their lots. With a few others mixed in. Dealers for the most part have newer used stock. Not a lot of 10+year old boats on dealer lots from what I see. The chance of a dealer having more than one used boat your interested in is probably a long shot. Your going to have to find dealers with boats you like and try them. Its probably going to take multiple trips to multiple dealers if you want to try a bunch of boats. Also you might find with used boats dealers really don't demo, they water test after a deal is agreed upon. That has been my experienced buying used.

Many people prefer to buy used private party for a number of reasons. First is price is usually much lower as people don't have overhead. In many states private party used sales aren't taxed. Buy used at the dealer and you pay tax on used.

Most dealers have their inventories on line or check Onlyinboards.com

brichter14 02-07-2014 12:45 PM

If you dont like a steep wake i would look at a malibu vlx or mastercraft 205v.

The interior of the SAN got wider and deeper in 02. Most boats are weight sensitive left and right. Most have to do with battery placement so just get out and balance it with lead or sand.

I have a 97 super sport and it is perfect for me. Yeah it is a bit cramped but whats wrong with sitting close to ladies in bikinis?

clubjoe 02-07-2014 12:46 PM

x2 on the wake to wake issue... That's probably all you (experience/technique?). Your driver might have a little affect on your wake stability as well....

If you put some weight on the nose it'll probably make the wake less vert and bulk it up.

So I hear....... good luck!

wakedaveup 02-07-2014 12:47 PM

Rex many of those year model Nautique's had very lippy wakes, if that's what you're trying to get away from than those probably wouldn't be the best fit. I have a 99 SAN210 and the wake is amazing and clean, but did take some time getting it to that cleanliness and still has some big lip to it. 03-05 Xstar would be a great boat, very rampy wake (easy to learn wake to wake) and "IMO" the most reputable wake in the industry next to the new G23. Wish MC kept that old hull. Where are you located, if you ever get down to the Orlando area and are serious about buying a boat I would be more than happy to take you out and spend as much time as needed with you regardless or make or model. I understand that may not be possible depending on location so my advice would be find the biggest most reputable dealer close to you and give them an opportunity to "earn" your business.

TeamAllen 02-08-2014 8:44 PM

Not sure where you live, but the closest place I know of that meets your description is http://www.boulderboats.com/

tripsw 02-09-2014 7:35 PM

So, you're about to spend 10 grand or so, just (or mainly) because of this:


Originally Posted by rexlex01 (Post 1864080)
Cant get WtoW so thinking maybe a different hull might help


Find a good coach or camp and spend a hundred bucks on a lesson, and keep that 10K in your pocket! You have a great boat with a super nice wake, just find the right way to weight it down. And learn the proper basics to jump. Heck, subscribe to learnwake and you don't even have to find a school in your area.

Birdman 02-14-2014 3:19 PM

I agree it isn't your hull used to ride behind a seadoo jet boat and be able to go w2w

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rexlex01 02-15-2014 4:18 PM

I went W-W behind my uncles canoe with 30 Hp mariner.:D

rexlex01 02-15-2014 5:07 PM

r3612 does not seem to think its always the rider.

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