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yodd_tost 02-07-2014 6:21 AM

Pricing advice
I need some help/advice on pricing my boat. It is a 01 Tige 23v Limited, it is loaded up, PP, upgraded prop, Fae, 2k+ ballast(manual pump), Bimini, full cover, 550 hrs on a 315hp, hlcd towers, jl w612 sub, 3 amps, heater,shower ect. it is in ok shape, definitely a used boat but overall good condition. I thought 26k was where I would start, I know it is a little high but with all the upgrades I think it is pretty good place to start. I just had a guy come offer me 19k for it. He kept saying that he couldn't pay above NADA for the boat which was 20k.....I don't know if I should just take it considering how few buyers are out there right now. Maybe I should just keep it because it seems hard to find a 23' boat for under 25k, just thinking out loud here. Thanks in advance.

boardman74 02-07-2014 6:59 AM

At 26K you are well overpriced, IMO. Does your boat have a tower? Is it the factory Tige Metcraft? You really can't count the ballast as with a throw over pump, you have fat sacs not a ballast system. Your saying its in OK shape, definitely looks used. Owners always think their stuff is nicer than it is(we all do!!) so your telling me your boat needs some work. 19K is probably not a bad offer considering its February. I would say tops for your boat is 21-22K based off what you are saying. Thats not seeing pictures. If you need upholstery, I would accept the 19K. What you have to ask your self is do you want to sit on it for another 3-6 months to get a couple thousand more? You sure aren't going to get 7K more. Maybe 2-3K. Only you can answer that.

If you need upholstery work, gel coat work, carpet, have the factory METCRAFT or no tower, or need any other significant updating/ repairs then I'd grab up that 19K before the guy changes his mind!!! Thats my opinion.

yodd_tost 02-07-2014 7:24 AM

It has a Samson tower w/ racks, upholstery is good no rips or tears all seat bases were replaced last summer. No repairs needed.....The reason I said decent shape is because it is. It isn't new that's for sure. It doesn't need repairs. But it is used. I don't know if that makes sense. I guess what your saying about owners thinking it is in better condition than others think, is true, that is why I didn't say great condition. If I said great, you may think its in ok condition, I was trying to say what I thought someone on here would think it is.....this is my 7th boat I have owned and I keep them I good condition. Anyway, I just looked up nada with my options and the low side is 24k high is 27k. At the end of the day I realize it is only worth what a buyer will pay.

rallyart 02-07-2014 7:31 AM

For a 2001 Tige I would just skip over that ad, especially at this time of the year. Heater, shower and stereo are all nice but really don't add much value. It's a little under powered for a 23' by current standards but it certainly has enough. Tige has changed their hull design a couple times since your boat was built.

Bakes 02-07-2014 7:47 AM

$26k way too much for an 01 tige. I would have a hard time paying over $20k for it...especially with that engine. It is adequate at sea level unloaded...severely under powered though at altitude.

Only way I would pay that much for that boat is with a new 383 stroker, new trailer and newer vinyl and first hand knowledge that it has been taken care of and stored indoors.

I'm not a Tige hater, I have an 08 2200V. Love my boat...just wish it had more power and a composite floor.

beleza 02-07-2014 7:51 AM

26k is high. Honestly nobody will pay that. Ever. Now whether or not you should take 19k is completly up to you. You may be able to hold out for another 500-1000 dollars but not much more.

polarbill 02-07-2014 8:55 AM

Todd, I agree with others that 25Kish is high for that Tige. Those were actually cool boats and didn't have the spray pockets I believe so would be a very capable wakeboard and surf boat. The Samson Tower is a big upgrade over the Metcraft. Unfortunately the tower upgrade, stereo, other accessories are all nice but don't add much in resale value. I think in the NW the engine is probably fine for most. I think it is probably worth 20k-23k in the Seattle market and more towards the 23k once we get to April, may, june.

chillaxin 02-07-2014 9:04 AM

Price really depends on area. That boat does have the spray pockets btw. I would say your high on the price for the time of year.

bruizza 02-07-2014 3:44 PM

I would hold out for low 20s. If you don't "need" to sell it right now wait it out a few months to when folks are getting tax returns and it is warming up. It is VERY tough to find a V drive for under 20k. Yours is a 23 footer with some decent options. I am betting you can get around 22k for it when the weather turns. That would split the difference between what the guy is offering and your list price.

yodd_tost 02-07-2014 5:42 PM

I got 21 for it today. Now I have money to start building a new house. Thanks for the help guys!

beleza 02-07-2014 7:50 PM


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