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Gnargnar 02-06-2014 4:10 PM

Boat bling vs 303 vs ?
What do you prefer? Are they similar or does one offer something more?

Dmac420sj 02-06-2014 4:25 PM

303 is aerospace engineered !!

MBofTexas 02-06-2014 4:44 PM

Boat Bling is the way to go. It is Blinged engineered.

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you_da_man 02-06-2014 5:07 PM

Are you referring to vinyl products, water spot products, waxes, or just the product line in general?

Gnargnar 02-06-2014 8:33 PM

More like a kit that most of them seem to put together, unless one is leaps and bounds ahead for a certain application

ryanw209 02-06-2014 9:17 PM


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deuce 02-06-2014 9:56 PM

Admittedly, no experience with Boat Bling....but I buy a gallon of 303 protectant every year.

Dmac420sj 02-07-2014 8:09 AM

Dawn dish soap to clean your vinyl(the best) then 303. Brand new. Someone will say totally awesome but dawn works way better and isn't abrasive at all. #fact

bcrider 02-07-2014 8:50 AM

"Admittedly, no experience with Boat Bling....but I buy a gallon of 303 protectant every year."

Same here^

Although I use Malco to clean the vinyl first, then 303

cjh1669 02-07-2014 9:16 AM

I use boat candy wax, so I use their speed gloss on my gel coat. Use 303 to protect vinyl and trailer bumpers

Fourspeednup 02-07-2014 11:07 AM

Boat bling vs 303 vs ?
303 aerospace protectant offers some of the best uv protection on the market so we are happy to be compared with their products. The comparable Boat Bling product to be used on vinyl, leather, rubber and plastic would be Condition Sauce which offers similar UV protection plus moisturizer/conditioner.

Today's marine vinyl is typically more plush and offers greater texture options but from our experience tends to deteriorate faster than that offered in the early 2000's when exposed to UV or harsh chemicals so it's important to protect it with your product of choice.

Be sure to stay clear of petroleum based products like armor all which will remove the UV protection built into the material ultimately causing more damage long term and you should be fine.

Any detailed questions? Feel free to email me zack@boatbling.net. Working the LA Boat Show this weekend but will get back as time permits.

bruizza 02-07-2014 3:39 PM

I use a combo of boat bling and 303. The 303 seems to take a while to "soak in" so I do it at the end of the weekend when we won't be using the boat for a couple of days. I use boat bling the rest of the time.

scottb7 02-07-2014 7:38 PM

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My opinion is all that is a bunch of overpriced crap. . . Here is what you need in my humble opinion. And yes removes water spots, just spray on.

MattieK27 02-07-2014 7:47 PM

303 is great stuff, but just too slick for my tastes. I have had good luck with Babes stuff, so that's what I stick with. Just another option...

downfortheride 02-08-2014 6:22 PM

Boat Bling is the way to go and worth the investment for your boat. The hot sauce is amazing no matter what color your boat is and the polymer wax will keep you looking good. The vinyl sauce is by far the best and mixed with condition sauce a few times a year and your set. Start and end the season with quicky sauce and your summers will be a breeze.

MBofTexas 02-08-2014 6:36 PM

^^^^^ Bling-A-Fied

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