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Houndogski 02-06-2014 9:51 AM

Wake board behind a Custom Weld Jet boat.
OK. I love to fish. My kids Love to fish. We also really love to ski and camp outdoors.

Does anyone have history wakeboarding behind a Custom Weld Jet boat or something like that. (northriver, alumaweld) Also, if anyone has history being behind an Out Board Jet motor vs inboard. I know inboard jet would be better. Just want to hear if anyone has experience either.


baitkiller 02-06-2014 10:11 AM

If it will drag you through the water than you wakeboard behind it.

bftskir 02-06-2014 11:09 AM

Jets don't do towed sports very well but you could do it.

wakedaveup 02-06-2014 11:36 AM

Most jet drives do not have any kind of tracking fins or drive in the water making it easier to pull the boat side to side when the rider is carving back and forth. With this in mind I would consider an outboard. At least there is a drive in the water helping the boat track and will be very stable. You can always pull the outboard up when getting into shallow water for fishing or camping. A jet drive will suck up sand and muck when trolling through shallow water. Just food for thought. There's some guys on my lake that absolutely shred wakeskating and they're out there all the time in an aluminum boat with an outboard and a home built tower. Don't let that fool you though, they're sticking big spins, flip tricks, and wake to wake tricks as well.

bftskir 02-06-2014 12:10 PM

An outboard jet does not stick down far at all. The are made to run in the shallows.

wakedaveup 02-06-2014 12:22 PM

I was referring to a standard outboard. I have a buddy that duck hunts with an outboard jet, definitely not ideal for tow sports

Houndogski 02-06-2014 12:57 PM

Thanks guys

sandm01 02-06-2014 4:44 PM

my buddy has a 21ft jetdrive with a 460inboard that is identical to a custom weld that I have boarded behind. you need a VERY long rope to get out of the rooster tail and there's not much wake behind it. it'll tow ya but it wasn't much fun. spent most of the time out in the flats to avoid a shower. very hard to keep a consistent speed as well. he didn't have any perfect pass. it takes a minute for the jet pump to start going, the first 10-14mph are very slow, then it just takes off and you have to wait a sec for it to throttle back from 30+ to 22-24.

not ideal, but can be done.

sandm01 02-06-2014 4:46 PM

oh ya, same story for tubes. he had a very long tube rope to get you out of the wash/rooster as well. not sure but I think he had a hamilton 212 on it.

kirk 02-07-2014 5:42 AM

I had a buddy that owned a 21 Custom Weld Storm. It was a great boat for fishing, cruising and family stuff, but it was a terrible tow boat unless you were pulling tubers. You could ride behind it, but it had a terrible wash from the pump,would not hold speed well and was very hard to track straight. Jets also aerate the water behind the boat very bad making it hard to get your edges to bite. We even tried to load it up and surf, but that was a bust as well. If we were going to ride we ended up using my Tige. If we wanted to fish we used his Custom Weld.
I also have a 16' Lowe Tunnel hull with a 110 Hp outboard jet on the back for fishing and hunting. It throws a huge jet wash out the back and I don't think I would ever try to ride behind it.
I don't think there is much difference in the outboard jet wash and an inboard jet wash.

boardman74 02-07-2014 6:11 AM

Agree with what is above. Short of a sailboat, it is really about the worst option out there.

cgilliland 02-07-2014 7:10 AM


Originally Posted by boardman74 (Post 1864011)
Agree with what is above. Short of a sailboat, it is really about the worst option out there.

The Americas Cup boats go 35mph!? :D I guess they turn a lot tho:banghead:

tonyv420 02-20-2014 3:44 PM

Wakeboarding can be done behind any boat with enough H.P. What ever you end up towing with, just educate yourself on how to do it safely! Theres a guy with a Smokercraft Alum, always towing a rider on our lake. 90% of the time he is looking backwards at the rider! He actually came within 25 feet of hitting me while his son was in tow! ( Also a big power turner) Boaters education should be a requirement to everyone whom drives a vessel on any body of water...

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