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jkruark 02-06-2014 7:50 AM

New Kicker we built!! Will anchor soon! East Texas!
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Please compliment our work?!?:o:)

cjobil43 02-06-2014 8:03 AM

pshewww my knees hurt just lookin at it. It looks REALLY well made and has tons of potential. I would imagine you will have to weight down the ramp end to lower it under water a few inches, but doing so will make it even more steep. I would guess it is going to be PLENTY PLENTY steep, so I would weight the launch end of the kicker as well.

If you used barrels, you can just add some water to all of them and equally lower it. Otherwise, find some lead weights and sink it in a bit.

Looks awesome though and should be a lot of fun!

wakedaveup 02-06-2014 8:14 AM

That's sweet!! What did you use for the top sheets? Are you using 50gallon drums to float it? It would be cool to see more DIY like these

rmotoxxx711 02-06-2014 8:38 AM

Looks good, it'll def put you up. If your doin a pwc don't hesitate to take it slow around 19mph first few hits. Tranny looks great only thing if I was picking it apart was maybe a little wider. But great build!

awakewilson 02-06-2014 9:07 AM

Could you post a pic of your design? Been meaning to build one for a wile and not sure of all the measurements.

MICAH_HARPER 02-06-2014 9:08 AM

Where in East Texas?

chillinoj 02-06-2014 9:26 AM

That looks sweet! Please tell us where it's gonna be!

And I agree some build pics/ design would be cool

stoked_32 02-06-2014 9:34 AM

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Originally Posted by wakedaveup (Post 1863838)
That's sweet!! What did you use for the top sheets? Are you using 50gallon drums to float it? It would be cool to see more DIY like these

The one we just built over the holiday break. Forgot to post these until now. Still riding in beautiful Southern California!

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jkruark 02-06-2014 9:44 AM

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Lake Palestine.

Got a hundred foot rooftop over here too

behindtheboat 02-06-2014 1:22 PM

Looks better than most of the cable parks'. I was in Palestine for work yesterday, would love to meet up once it warms up.

jkruark 02-06-2014 3:44 PM

Anytime adub. We ride 3 or 4 times a week. Lake never has other boats on it til July. Will start next month. I'll private message my number. Just call the day before.

bill 02-07-2014 5:57 AM


runin90lx 02-10-2014 7:04 PM

Nice! I ride tyler mainly. Never been on Palestine.

I live in longview anf micah harper livrs in gilmer

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eubanks01 02-11-2014 6:31 AM

Nice! I come to Palestine a few times each summer and stay at a house in Emerald Bay. Where are you guys?

jkruark 02-11-2014 7:15 AM

right past the villages marina

skiboarder 02-11-2014 8:41 AM

Those are some great looking kickers. I always check the "I built a kicker" threads to laugh at the deathtraps, but I'd hit both of those all day long.

denverd1 02-11-2014 2:13 PM

drove by the rooftop and few months ago and thought damn! thats a nice lookin rail!

Agree on the kicker, its gonna be snappy!

Also for those using those blue barrels, make sure you either silicone the caps on the end. Spent a day building one and had to pull the barrel out, drain it and put it back under the kicker.

looks solid!!

phathom 02-13-2014 1:36 PM

That looks sweet. I've never gone off a kicker before, mainly because I ride river all the time and they have these stupid laws about not putting that stuff out. I would love to try one some day and that certainly looks like a nice one. Good job, post the results when it gets floating.

Prestoooooo 02-14-2014 7:26 AM

where do you get the top sheet material from?

Pad1Tai 02-14-2014 9:18 AM

Nice job.......... everything goes better in texas with a Shiner Bock....

jkruark 02-16-2014 8:02 AM

Hey nacho, do you ride on Palestine?

denverd1 07-09-2014 8:26 AM

Joel, I do. Sent you a pm. Let's ride.

eubanks01 07-09-2014 5:02 PM

I'll be there this weekend and all next week. You guys gonna be there and still have these in the water? I will have to come pay you a visit!

element8456 04-07-2015 5:24 PM

What did you guys use for a top material? HDPE?

Redheadd 04-07-2015 8:21 PM

That looks sick!

Thekoning 04-17-2015 11:30 AM

This thread is missing some key details, such as the dimensions so others can build successfully.

What is the takeoff angle?
And what is the flat length?

stevo8290 04-17-2015 12:07 PM

I would love to ride that thing. Im out of shreveport we ride the red river often. Joel, sent you a pm lets ride.

denverd1 04-17-2015 12:29 PM


Originally Posted by Thekoning (Post 1909113)
This thread is missing some key details, such as the dimensions so others can build successfully.

What is the takeoff angle?
And what is the flat length?

Angle: to the moon
length: just right

Thekoning 04-20-2015 12:50 PM

Im guessing its 35 degrees :P

therefore flat length is 11.2 feet
and height is 7.1 feet
and when i draw the curve with a pencil i need to make the rope 16.7 feet long to result in a ramp that looks like these in this thread.

The math:

jkruark 04-21-2015 6:33 AM

Good luck with that thekoning!! lol
You are incorrect in two very important variables in your math. 1. Height and 2. Radius. and since those are the two most important details your kicker will be the bigger and steeper than even the biggest kickers anywhere.

So good luck. if you are serious about building a kicker. Do a little googling, take some measurements of some kickers that you ride, or talk to someone that has built and hit kickers. This post wasn't created so people could figure out how to build kickers, it was created to get folks in East Texas to stop by and hit the kicker and rail.

good luck with the 7 ft. tall, 16 foot tranny kicker you build!

Thekoning 04-21-2015 1:21 PM

Im trying to learn how to make a kicker why are you shooting me down?, there is no information about dimensions on this thread so i have to do math using what details i can see in photos. This thread is in the *#$*#$ DIY section! Not the "check out my kicker if you happen to live in Texas, if you dont than f-off" section. So YES im expecting this post to help people make a kicker, and others believe that also since there are countless posts above from people with answered questions.

Joel if you dont have any helpful information can you not respond please.

Does anyone know what dimensions a kicker should be leaning more towards. I want to make it huge but apparently the one i have in mind is too big?

denverd1 04-21-2015 1:33 PM

Then go start your own thread! Its a damn ramp! it isn't complicated!

Redheadd 04-21-2015 1:58 PM

Lmfao!!!'make 1 side as long and as high as you want throw it in another piece of plywood trace it then you got your 2 sides. Not a exact science it's what ever you want. Cut 30 or so support pieces however wide you want it and screw your 2 sides together as on the pics above then use a couple layer of 1/4"ply ( because they are bendable)and a top sheet then add flotation devices. Boom! Kicker done scientifically and to spec!

Thekoning 04-21-2015 2:07 PM

Eh, this Nacho thread either ;)

denverd1 04-21-2015 2:14 PM

yea, but I'll be hittin that kicker while you're still trying to figure out how to use google.

Now, you've got your instructions from Red. have fun with it

Thekoning 05-28-2015 8:49 PM

Loving the kicker, always a fun session with it


boardjnky4 05-29-2015 3:58 AM

Any information on the source for the top sheet? How wide are you guys making these? 6-8ft?

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