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Wakesetter99 02-05-2014 8:51 PM

Mana or Murray
I recently have been searching for the perfect board for me and have narrowed it between the Murray 2012 bio, the mana, and the ronix one. I was wondering which I should go with (beginner rider). I love surface tricks but am also lookin rn for something that has mad pop. Anyone have experience/can steer me towards/away from any boards? Also, I need binding suggestions

dezul 02-06-2014 4:27 AM

First, tell us about your riding style? I am assuming that you are ride only behind a boat judging by your username. Do you like a loose feel while riding than then something that tracks well when you go to hit wake? Do you prefer your bindings to be stiff or do you prefer flex? What is your budget?

Also, have you tried searching this forum to see what other have said about each board? I know each one of them have been discussed on multiple occassions.

cwb4me 02-06-2014 4:28 AM

The board doesn't make the rider better. Technique makes the rider better. You would be better off investing your money in a wakeboard camp.

CRS_mi 02-06-2014 5:21 AM

You've really picked polar opposites of boards. The mana is really slow and requires a really aggressive edge with an abrupt pop. The murray is pretty fast with a smooth pushing pop and the one is kind of in-between those two. Between those three I would definitely say the murray and considering your skill level I would emphasize the murray even more.

joeshmoe 02-06-2014 6:51 AM

The board does matter when it comes to "pop", even if you have perfect technique, you will get different pop off of each board. The CWB db9 is the board you want, its very loose and Tons of pop(as good as the One)

shaun_murray 02-21-2014 8:25 AM

Of course you know my answer bc I get to design my board how I like it to ride. If you look at the description of my board or listen to me anytime I'm talking about the ride, you'll hear me say those same things. But so will every other rider. If you've ever seen me take a full speed whip on my latest design you can see that I can get right on top of my board while in a slide. I try it on other boards and can't get even close. It has to do with the slight spine (spoon bottom) as well as the rolled toe and heel side edge to keep it user friendly. I also use this slide to get out farther up on the boat when I want to take my tricks big. I can get up next to the driver when the water is a little colder and faster even w the boat going straight. So that's to support the loose playful feeling you are looking for.
Of course technique trumps all so make sure you start with that, but surface area (usually the bigger the better), and rocker are the two things that contribute to boost. 3 stage rocker is something that I've stayed away from b/c of the flat spot. Never like the landings and didn't like the inconsistency of where the board rode under me. Would be tail heavy sometimes and nose heavy others. It's not a bad thing if you're used to it but I think it can create some weird habits like tail dragging toeside approaches. That's where the board doesn't point across the wakes, rather it points at the boat, which I think doesn't maximize power through pop off the wake.
This last go around, Greg Nelson and I messed around with 3 stage rocker w no flat spot. So the rocker is mellowed out between the feet which enabled us to increase it at the tip and tail. Gave us good snap off the wake, soft landings and predictable riding. There's some theory behind all that, but I'm boring y'all with too much talk anyhoo.
In summary, you'll enjoy my board but get the right size for you. People generally ride boards that are too small, mainly b/c the industry is a little off on their height weight charts. I'm a towering 5'6" 150 lbs and ride my 137. And my 142 isn't even that big for me.
Hope this helps more than it is confusing:)
Enjoy your ride

mark197 02-21-2014 8:48 AM

Shaun you make me want to go out and buy your board just to ride it.

Its not very often that a great ambassador for the sport helps out with board choices. Thanks Man!

ottog1979 02-21-2014 10:37 AM


cwb4me 02-21-2014 12:10 PM


99Bison 02-21-2014 7:22 PM


JayManAR 02-21-2014 10:30 PM

I really like my '13 Murray. It's pretty much everything I want in a wakeboard.

supersonicmi 02-22-2014 10:04 AM

Curious about the board sizing.. Shaun, are we then going to see in the future more and more boards made in bigger sizes?

dezul 02-22-2014 8:24 PM


Originally Posted by supersonicmi (Post 1865702)
Curious about the board sizing.. Shaun, are we then going to see in the future more and more boards made in bigger sizes?

We need to. I am 230lbs riding a 142. It works but I would like to see a 145.

Bagar55 02-24-2014 12:02 AM

Marek 145. Check it out.

Bagar55 02-24-2014 12:04 AM

I have. '13 Murray so not trying to push you away from the board. It's such a fun board to ride and cruise on. Carves awesome and is fun to slide around.

CRS_mi 02-24-2014 6:53 AM

I agree. I'm on the the Marek Nova 145 right now but would have went with the murray had it been offered in a 145.

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