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MikeRossco89 02-05-2014 7:34 AM

Trying to find riders
I recently moved to Orlando from va . Trying to find people to ride with at the park or I have gas money and can drive a boat if ya have room. Just trying to meet some cool people and ride. Thanks

VillonClothing 02-09-2014 8:57 PM

we ride every weekend given the weather here in melbourne behind our boat

wakedaveup 02-10-2014 8:46 AM

Hey Mike, shoot me a PM I'm here in Orlando and don't mind giving you a pull. Boat will be out of the water for a few weeks, but when it's back in let's ride.

machloosy 02-17-2014 9:02 AM

I also just got into Orlando and will most likely be here a week or so. Haven't ridden in 5mons, but would gladly throw some gas $$ and drive for a pul

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