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hgvandy 02-04-2014 6:45 PM

Ronix Code 55 Boots - How tight
I just bought a pair of 2013 Ronix Code 55 boots that are size 11. I typically wear an 11-11.5 in a shoe and these feel a little tight. I have never owned a closed toe boot and I am not sure how much these will expand when heat molding. My toe is pegged to the front of the boot and it is a little uncomfortable, but I read that these can expand, especially when heat fitted. How much can these expand and should I return and go with the size 12?

99Bison 02-05-2014 8:57 AM

Ronix Code 55 Boots - How tight
Have not gotten mine heat molded (parks) but last year I got 11's and usually wear 10.5-11 shoes and can't imagine them fitting if any smaller.

One FYI that took a month to figure out is the toe area gets tighter via the laces in longer sets. So make sure to spread out the bottom most laces before tightening up.

bschall 02-05-2014 11:33 AM

The Ronix boots do tend to run a tad small. Wearing an 11-11.5 you should have definitely gone with the 12's. I wear size 10.5 and the 11s were too small but they have since broke in wonderfully

hgvandy 02-06-2014 5:03 AM

I've got to give props to evo. They are sending me the 12s and told me to just send back the pair that doesn't fit. They are only charging $7 for the shipping. I have only ordered from them a couple of times, but been very happy. Thanks for the advice.

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