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Houndogski 02-03-2014 12:34 PM

92 Centurion fallcon xp (wakeboard / sking
I'm looking to purchase a 1992 centurion falcon xp this weekend. Very nice boat with tower and speakers. $6500 with some toys.

I really want to wakeboard and I know my kids will want to too. However I know some of my friends along with my self will want to ski too.. I know that this boat is meant for skiing more than wakeboarding however can you still jump the wake and also possibly do so surfing without loading up the boat with a bunch of weight.


boardman74 02-03-2014 1:02 PM

You can wakeboard, but its not going to provide much wake. I would say surfing that boat isn't going to work well at all. You'd probably need more weight than the hull can safely handle.

TomH 02-03-2014 2:35 PM

If you do try and surf it, you may have to re-route your gas tank vent forward if it's back at the rear to avoid getting water in your tank if you have the boat weighted down a lot (or make a snorkel for the vent like Trayson did on his Supra). Regardless, it's a pretty low-slung boat, so you're not going to get a ton of weight into it, and probably won't get much of a surf wave out of it.

Houndogski 02-03-2014 3:01 PM

RB, and Tom, thank you. So really this kind of boat would only be for skiing and maybe beginner wake boarders? I'm not interested in changing the boat to accommodate our needs. I would rather buy the right boat. I have $7k to spend so I'm trying to get the right boat for the money. I've looked at the early 90's Sanger, Tri Star 190s and the centurion Falcons. Any preferences on these?

phathom 02-03-2014 3:16 PM

Look for an older sunsport or sunsetter. These have decent freeboard so you can weigh them down and get a decent wake, even for surfing. It is definitely harder to configure a surf wave on a direct drive than a newer v-drive, but it can be done if your hull can support the weight.
I have heard of people doing the same with SN2001s, but I have also heard of people sinking those in the process...

Houndogski 02-03-2014 3:22 PM

Surf Addict, sunsport or sunsetter are a little out of the price range. The SN2001's are ok I guess. But again, I only have about $7k to spend.

Thoughts on MC Tri Star 190?

phathom 02-03-2014 3:33 PM

I don't know about your area, but I suggested the sunsport because, I know around here, every now and then, a 80s sunsport will come up that may need a little tlc, but still enjoyable for that price range.

I'm not sure about the tristar, but I know thr prostar 190s are very good for skiiing as they produce very little wake. Kinda the opposite you want for wakeboard and surfing especially.
If they use the same hull as the prostars, then probably not.
The thing to remember, is that older boats around then were made in the era of competitive skiing. A good boat was one that made as little wake as possible.
You will definitely have to weight them to get big wakes. This is why freeboard is important.
I have heard that the hull on the SN2001s does generate a decent wake though.

Houndogski 02-03-2014 3:35 PM


Bam6961 02-03-2014 4:49 PM

you should be able to find a open bow sunsetter or euro for 7k, maybe try sanger dx or dx2? sangers are pretty low in freeboard but they do produce a good wake and surf wake when loaded down.
cant go wrong with a SN2001 though either.

polarbill 02-03-2014 5:12 PM

Ken, I see you are in the Seattle area. This boat has been for sale for a long time. Looks like it could be thrashed on but that is just a guess. This is also a round windshield boat so has fiberglass stringers and floor I believe. If it is in decent shape 9500 is a good price. Not sure if you can bump up your budget a little. http://seattle.craigslist.org/kit/boa/4306109248.html

Other than that boat you are going to be hard pressed to find a decent open bow boat to wakeboard and surf behind in the NW. Boats are expensive here. Your best bet will be to find a Nautique 2001. I had a 1987 and it was a great little boat. Check the stringers and floors though. The boat throws a fabulous wakeboard wake with ballast. Not sure on surfing though.

You may try and keep your eye out for a sanger dx or dxii or whatever the model is. low freeboard but a deeper V so I don't think it takes much weight to throw a good wakeboard wake.

polarbill 02-03-2014 5:15 PM

here you go


I am pretty sure seattle water sports has a nautique 2001. Also Pacific nautiques has had one for sale for about 5 years.

jamespjackson95 02-03-2014 7:27 PM

I would try to find a 92 Supra that doesn't have the wood. I think a member here..Trayson.. Found his at a good price. Boat looks much more modern and it's like a tank on water and can easily produce a good wake with tons of room for ballast and storage.

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bftskir 02-04-2014 10:46 AM

One thing to consider is that Sanger has no foam. Foam promotes rot. Very very rare to find a Sanger that has rot. Most of the other boats mentioned here suffer from foam.

aricsx15 02-04-2014 11:01 AM

Foam promotes rot? Don't you mean wood promotes rot?

Houndogski 02-04-2014 11:04 AM

Brett, I call have been in contact with the seller on the Sanger. ( http://seattle.craigslist.org/skc/boa/4310843770.html ) He is willing to negotiate a little. I really like the look of the sanger however my wife isn't fond of the purple, pink and teal colors. There is a ski centurion falcon I am looking at too. He has on CL for $11,500 however I have talked with him and he is willing to sell for $6500. I told him that he was over priced and he agreed. ( http://seattle.craigslist.org/see/boa/4267969021.html ) The price is right with the extras but I would like to have a little bigger wake for boarding however I can always up grade when my smaller kids (9 & 12 ) get a little older too.

Houndogski 02-04-2014 3:55 PM

OK. So I have communicated with a guy who is selling me his Ski Centurion Falcon for $6500. Seem like a really good deal. He was offering $11500 on CL then I mentioned that the Price is a bit high. He agreed and lowered the price if I can come pick it up. He said that he is willing to test drive it, but now he is really insisting on me picking up today or he will just keep it and sell it in a few month for $9500. The catch is,, I won't be able to test drive it. Only hear the motor run in the drive way.. What should I look for if something is wrong with the motor.. Cracked block ect. ect. or some else that might major wrong? [IMG]C:\Users\kenr\Desktop\Centurion.jpg[/IMG]

Houndogski 02-04-2014 3:56 PM

Tried to post picture of boat but no luck. Here is the link on CL. http://seattle.craigslist.org/see/boa/4267969021.html

boardman74 02-04-2014 4:29 PM

If he is that insistent and cut his price in half, but only if you get it today…run!!!!

You can't tell crap looking at it. Blocks crack internally, not on the outside. Don't buy it without a water test, or having it tested on land.

Gnargnar 02-04-2014 4:29 PM

That cl post seems quite weird

Houndogski 02-04-2014 4:46 PM

RB.. Thanks.

rottenland 02-04-2014 4:59 PM


Originally Posted by Houndogski (Post 1863591)
Tried to post picture of boat but no luck. Here is the link on CL. http://seattle.craigslist.org/see/boa/4267969021.html

Here you go.


I bet if you give him the full $9500 he'll throw in the boat in the background for free.

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