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dlwake 01-30-2014 2:35 AM

looking for riders, so cal... castaic
So every year or so i try to grow my group as schedules are always changing. I like to ride weekday mornings. I have a boat and if you have gas money i may have a spot for you. Hit me up if your interested.

seth 02-03-2014 3:06 PM

I may be down to ride. I also have a private lake membership in Arvin with a SAN sitting out there. I barely got to ride last year because I could never get anybody to go with me. You have to take an easy boat test to drive there for insurance but its totally worth it to have perfect water all day. Let me know if you would be interested in riding. I used to do the whole Castaic thing but it sucks to spend all the time and money to get there and then the water is crap.

dlwake 02-12-2014 11:39 PM

Hey i love the private lakes out there. Lets go ride soon. Shoot me an email dustinwiemann@gmail i agree castaic stinks but i live close by and have a cove pass so i do a lot of quick sets.

Ansorge10 02-13-2014 8:58 AM

Does anyone want to ride in Long Beach? If so email me I'm going out tomorrow (2/14)

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