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amywhitman2013 01-29-2014 8:31 AM

Best Cable Wakeskate
What is the best skate for hitting rails and ramps daily, as well as good for beginners?

scuba_steve 01-30-2014 10:00 AM

Just about any wakeskate will be fine for the cable. Some boards do have a composite/ protective bottom like the Tao from Obscura or any Integrity board, but Remote skates are designed with urban winching in mind. They are designed and tested to take the abuse of the team thrashing them on concrete ledges, smashing into rocks and other obstacles. Taking them to a cable park where all the rails are a nice plastic is nothing.

Wakeskating isnt to the point wakeboarding is design wise with flex, core materials, molded fins and channels.

Basically any wood concave from a solid brand (Remote, Obscura, Watermonsters, Byerly,) would be fine. For the most part they all offer a board from 38-43 inches in length and the main thing changing is just the concave shape.

Remotes: ride fast with their base material, hold up really well to rails and obstacles, really steep/dished out concave, solid boards and company
40.5" Remote Hooker for $249
41" Remote Horan for $249

Obscura: the Tao is the main cable board with a wood core wrapped in composite material. Really poppy, designed for Daniel Grant who rides cable 95% of the time. The wood concaves like the 2014 Shift should be solid and have a rail friendly base as well. The 2013 Impulse/2014 Format is a solid board and shape as well.
2013 42" Impulse for $119

Watermonsters: Great boards, the concave is a little more mellow than the Remotes but works all the same. great company to work with as well.

Byerly: Basic wood concaves, nothing overly special about them. Cheaper price wise than the remotes.
39" Byerly Heritage for $149
41" Byerly Heritage for $149

scuba_steve 01-30-2014 10:01 AM

What is your height/weight? That would tell you if a smaller board is better for you when you first start off.

amy 02-17-2014 8:28 AM

Thank you so much Steven, I really appreciate all of the information. We are actually looking for one for a small 2.0 in College Station TX, so the people riding it are going to be mostly beginner-intermediate men anywhere from 140lb-180lb. We used a wooden Hyperlite board(I think the catalyst) last year which got destroyed pretty quickly from the rail hits. We are trying to find something with a solid base but is also somewhat easy for people new to wakeskating.

wakemitch 02-17-2014 10:18 AM

Amy, I would definitely recommend a Remote. They are extremely durable and the rocker line is perfect for cable. The rocker line makes the boards much faster than other wakeskates which helps a ton on the cable. Cables pull a lot slower than how you would ride on a boat, so having less drag makes it easier to ride and get the control you need.
And the base is fiberglass and the rails are urethane like skateboard wheels. There is no way you are blowing those apart.

deepcove 04-13-2014 7:59 AM

Remote would be a great choice. Like Mitch said the rocker is designed to go quick and these skates can take a beating.

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