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07-31-2001 9:27 PM

can anyone give me some advice on how i can hit double ups 100%. Im really bad at timing them. i dont know when to start cutting in.

08-01-2001 3:16 AM

i usually count the first three rollers as they hit the boat, then on the third start cutting in and look for a peak to hit, once you choose which peak to hit don't take your eyes off it and follow the channel that leads up to it and you should get booted.

08-01-2001 6:01 AM

Here's how I learned it: Follow the wake coming at you only, don't even look at the boat wakes behind the boat. Pick a roller coming at you and follow it in all the way, you know the boat waves parallel to you will be there, so it's only important to track the one coming at you. You can't really look for a peak to hit because they form and move away so fast, it should max out right about when you hit it, so if it's not there when you are close, don't worry just concentrate on riding into that mess! Good luck

08-01-2001 8:14 AM

I think timing the middle one is the easiest, especially to learn. Once you get consistent at hitting them, you can time whichever one you want!

08-01-2001 9:31 PM

thanks a lot.. ill try that

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