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pc_sledge 01-27-2014 4:52 PM

New Knee Brace
7 weeks post-op from my 2nd ACL reconstruction of my left knee. Had some major bone grafting done on this one. Asked the Doc today about getting a new brace because my last CTi ended up, by accident, in the bottom of the river where I ride. He said yes i'll send you to get fitted. After taking my measurements the got brought back a box that said Townsend, not Ossur or CTi. I was really dissapointed until he took it out of the box and fitted it to me. I had never heard of Townsend. The specific brace is called a rebel releiver. It seems super tight and a lot sturdier than my old CTi's. It wont be until probably July when I can really put it to the test but it seems legit. Anyone out there have any experience with Townsend braces?

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