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terrydoyle 01-25-2014 10:31 AM

Stereo on a budget
My old stereo consisted of two good cabin speakers, a 10'' sub and two speakers on in cans on the tower that would cut in and out with every little wave that i hit. Powering the speakers was a bazooka 600W 4 ch. amp and beside it an identical amp powering the sub, i'm guessing its bridged. My goal is to get a decent sound at wake board lengths and a good sound in the cabin.

I have two brand new mb quartz cabin speakers that are free to me, I was going to install them and run the 4 cabin speakers off of one bazooka amp.
I picked up an exile 800.4 amp for 175 bucks used as a demo in the shop, I'm going to bridge it for two new tower speakers.

This is where I need help, I found a new pair of exile xm7's for $550. Is their a better deal out there? or a better speaker for what i want around the same price? I am also going to get an eq pre amp, i was also looking at the exile one for $150. I think this will be a huge improvement over what i had last summer for around $1000. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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