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SangerTom 01-20-2014 1:41 PM

Carpet Install Question
I'm getting ready to install new carpet in my Sanger V210. Wood substrate. Should I use marine glue rolled on or spray can glue?

priszkid 01-21-2014 9:37 PM

I used marine glue and notch troweled it. I couldn't tell the difference under footy since I used a thick outdoor carpet. I also rolled mine after the install, whether or not it did any good, couldn't say. I did wait a couple days before using the boat though.

newty 01-22-2014 8:16 AM

Here is my how-too thread on carpet. I used spray glue and its holding up really well.

SangerTom 01-22-2014 8:19 PM

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Newty - Thanks for the link. I bought both the glue and the spray adhesive. The spray looks pretty easy. I took everything out including the seat bases so I don't have to push under - should make it a bit easier. I like the way you layed it all out and then cut the floor panels. I like that better.

I still have to move the amps and sub woofer under the dash around for more leg room and clean up the wiring (including the $20 mod posted in the forum!). Then carpet install.


shagman 01-22-2014 10:59 PM

I'll be doing the carpet on my V210 at some point in the near future, can you take pics and post any tips you have during the process? thanks!

bwake 01-29-2014 1:59 AM

Ive done mine as well if you have any questions. Nice easy process in the end.

DenverRider 01-29-2014 9:04 AM

Find a good installer is what I would recommend. The mark-up for end users from the carpet suppliers like Corinthian is so high that it eclipses the amount that the installer charges for both the carpet AND the installation. You'll pay more than double what an installer would pay for the same piece and that's plenty to cover what the installer needs to do the work.

kenerator 02-04-2014 9:06 PM

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Hey Tom,
I'm doing the same thing. I was able to get my carpet out in one piece to use a pattern.
Where are you getting your new carpet? I am knee deep in samples. Some nice and some so-so.
Are you going re-seal any of the floor?

Lots o' fun,


humboldt9 02-05-2014 3:33 PM

Question for you guys. How difficult was it to remove the seat bases and about how many hours or days deep are you into this project? My carpet is pretty beat up in my '02 and I'm contemplating this project. Any estimate on how much the carpet is going to run?

kenerator 02-06-2014 6:16 PM

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Brad - My seat bases were simple. Took about 15 minutes. Actually the whole interior minus the bow seats came out in about an hour. It took about another hour to get the carpet out. My carpet was so worn out that the backing was disintegrating which facilitated my just having to pull it up without much scraping. I used a wide putty knife to scrape between the backing and the floor as I pulled up on the carpet. It's hard to say how many hours/days I have into what I am doing because I started at the end of last year work on it a little at a time. I've also removed the entire stereo, dual batteries and associated wiring because it was a mess! I'm surprised that I didn't have a fire. I would guess that if your existing carpet came out easily and you had a helper you could do the floor carpet over a weekend. I estimate that it's going to cost approximately $400-$450 when all is said and done. That may seem high, but I am doing all the carpet, not just the floor.

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